Different ELD Option- How You Can You Choose the Best ELD Device

It is high time. Most of the vehicle management system is now using the latest ELD devices for making a change in their HOS management and also for controlling the transport system. Various companies are offering ELD devices to the customers. However, not all the ELD providers are offering similar devices to the clients. If you want to have the best ELD device, make sure you are choosing the ELD service provider who provide the capable device for the business. The quality of the options varies. For example, there are ELD manufacturers that provide the zero monthly fees recently closed down and it is forcing the clients to opt for other vendors.


How you will choose the best ELD vendor? Here are some of the tips you must follow-

Check First Whether the ELD Is Self-Certified or Not

Before you are proceeding, you should be sure that ELD that you are considering are on the FMCSA ELD mandate list. It is one of the most important steps that you should while you are picking the best ELD for your business. The ELD that you are choosing should be self-certified and also registered as per the requirement of the ELD rules and regulations. If you want to know whether the ELD is registered or not, you can type of name on the search bar, if the solution is registered, the name will be listed showing the device name, software version, contact information and the model number too.

Check the company name when choosing the ELD options

When you are choosing the ELD, you are also choosing a business partner. Hence, evaluating the ELD manufacturer or the provider is quite important as going through the technical specifications. Here are some of the important things that you should look while choosing the ELD provider-

  1. Years of business
  2. Solution partners
  3. Security policies
  4. Company structure
  5. Number of customers and customer references
  6. Worldwide ranking
  7. Commitment to research
  8. Number of employees and engineers

ELD Features customers like to use

All the clients like to use the ELDs that are effective and highly useful for their business. The ELDs should have an easy-to-use interface. The ELD devices should help the drivers in getting the up-to-speed with an easy feature, voice prompts and also on-screen color coding alerts where the hours are running low. The customers like to use the ELD that provides the HOS advisor. It helps in maximizing the drive time and also the working hours with the HOS advisor, track status, provide time until the next break and hours left in the shift. The ELD should also provide the streamlined roadside inspections, help in sharing and sending the up-to-date electronic logbook information by touching the button. It also provides the correct logs on-the-go. With the help of the See, Edit and Add remarks in the elog, you can easily correct the logs.

These are some of the features you find in electronic logging device that is suitable for your business.

In these days, most of the transport systems or the vehicle management systems are using the ELD device for better management and reducing the HOS. Before buying the ELD device, read the blog below to know the requirements about how to choose the best ELD provider.


Jack Smith is a reputed author and he writes various articles on software and transport technology. He suggest the users to choose the best ELD provider.

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