Different Events In Lexington That You Must Visit

When you think of Lexington, you probably think of bluegrass and bourbon. Well, those two are only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are so many cool events to visit in this small southern city that one might even start getting a little overwhelmed with options.


That’s why you need to use the calendar Lexington KY  to track all these events. From horse events to food festivals, these activities will not only make your trip to Kentucky that much more special but also give `you an insider’s look at all the hidden gems that make up this beautiful city.


  • Horse events


If you are a horse fan, you should definitely visit Lexington and other parts of Kentucky. The Bluegrass State is home to the annual Horse Show, which is one of the most-watched equestrian events in the United States. The show is held every October and is a great opportunity to learn more about this fascinating lifestyle.


  • Art festivals


Art festivals are a great way to discover a city’s vibrant culture. While Kentucky may be best known for bourbon and bluegrass, it is also home to a diverse array of art. With more than 100 art festivals each year, you will never run out of places to visit. Festivals range from contemporary art to music and even food. So, you can use calendar Lexington KY  whether you are interested in contemporary or ethnic arts, you will surely find something that speaks to you.


  • Music festivals


If you are a music lover, Kentucky is the state for you. Not only is the Bluegrass State home to the annual Horse Show but it is also home to countless music festivals. With venues like the Licking River Arena, which can seat up to 10,000 people, you will be able to catch some of the best live music performances. The festivals include musical performances from different artists from many different genres. You can also visit the Folk Alliance International Music Festival to experience performances from different cultures.


  • Food festivals


If you are a foodie, you will love visiting Lexington. From Southern food to international cuisines, you will never run out of options. There are also many local food festivals that you can attend. Whether you are interested in discovering authentic local cuisines or trying out new recipes, you will never run out of options.


If you are looking to get a little more adventurous, you can visit the Kentucky State Fish & Shrimp Festival. The festival offers a wide range of dishes that are inspired by the local seafood. You can also visit the Kentucky State Pork Festival to enjoy some pork dishes.


If you are a fan of equestrian sports or art, you will find plenty to explore in Lexington. You can also visit the Bluegrass State Museum to learn more about its history. If you are interested in music festivals, make sure to visit the Kentucky State Fair. These days, you can use the calendar Lexington KY  to track all these events online. As a result, you can attend all events that you like on time.


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