Different Kinds of Miniature Force Sensor Available at Sreeka

What are miniature force sensors?

Miniature force sensors used for measuring tensile and compressive loads in applications with tiny spaces. Used for diverse purposes, many companies are manufacturing customized force sensors to meet unique industry requirements.

Salient properties

Low profile, small diameter, low weight, made from stainless steel or alloy steel construction, high sensitivity, high resonant frequency, high stiffness, high accuracy for low ranges, superior linearity, etc., are some of the features making these sensors suitable for measuring compressive and tensile forces in static and dynamic applications.

Miniature force sensors in different models

Both in online and offline market, miniature force sensors are available in different capacities. The miniature force sensors vary on the grounds of rated load, diameter, construction material, usage conditions, electrical and signal characteristics to name a few.

Best Store to buy Miniature Force Sensors

Sreeka.in is one of the best stores to buy different kinds of force sensors at affordable price range. The company has been offering innovative products from the last 15 years by combining technological and engineering excellence. The company also offers repair services to customers. Additionally, it never fails to satisfy its wide client base with customized solutions. So, if you have unique requirements for miniature force sensor, speak to company’s professional today!

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