Different Massage Therapies You Could Avail of in Australia

The concept of massage conjures up tropical vacations in a luxury spa resort with relaxation and rejuvenation as the primary goal. A massage can be incredibly relaxing and excellent for your mind and body. Thankfully, massages today are not limited to resorts, spas, or luxury hotels. Most cities in Australia offer massage therapies at upscale health clubs. Besides, there are specialised massage places near me.

But before you approach any of these, let us learn about the different massage services available in Australia:

Swedish Massage

If you have never treated yourself to massage therapy, then a Swedish massage is what you should start with. It is a gentle massage therapy that is perfect for people who are sensitive to the touch of others. Swedish massage relaxes your muscle knots and is entirely a soothing experience. The massage combines deep, circular motions, kneading, tapping and vibration.

Deep Tissue Massage

While the Swedish massage is gentler, the deep tissue massage does involve a bit of pressure. People suffering from chronic muscle problems like injuries, soreness, and imbalance can benefit from deep tissue from a massage near me. This massage therapy helps relieve the pain endured due to tightening of the muscles or even maybe due to anxiety.

Therapists typically use a technique that involves slow strokes and pressure from the fingers to relieve tension from your muscles and tissues.

Sports Massage

You could consider opting for regular sports massages if you are actively into sports activities. This proves beneficial to those suffering from or prone to repetitive injuries, which can ultimately prevent you from playing the sport altogether. Sports massage also improves your performance and flexibility and can relieve you of muscle tension, pain, and anxiety. The technique used here includes deep pressure with alternating soothing strokes.

Trigger Point Massage

Those who have or are suffering from injuries, chronic pain, or any specific conditions could opt for a trigger point massage. Trigger points are those areas in which you can feel the tightness of muscles, and you may experience a lot of pain in those areas. This massage therapy relieves you from the pain associated with the trigger points.

While the therapist massages your whole body, the focus is on the specific ‘trigger’ area where you can sense the pain.

While massage therapies are incredibly relaxing, they also come with various health benefits. It relieves stress, anxiety, and tension. As such, it has dual benefits for the body and the mind. You can speak to your therapist during massage therapy near me or in any other city to thoroughly understand the health benefits of your chosen treatment.

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