Different Merch Every Kpop Fan Must Know


As much as K-Pop is known for its music, fans also enjoy the genre’s seemingly unending supply of products and EXO merchandise. There are numerous ways for fans to demonstrate their support for their favourite bands, ranging from clothing to posters to EXO merch. Here are some of the most popular forms of products available to enthusiasts.


The physical album is, of course, the most important item that all fans purchase. Not only are the CDs jam-packed with the artists’ incredible music, but most albums also include wonderful photobooks.


In K-Pop, photocards are one of the collectible items. Photocards, which are the same size as trading cards (Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh!), can be found in albums, concerts, or other special events.


Postcards are slightly larger than photocards, usually fitting in a picture album and are less prevalent. They’re usually sold in packs, but they’re simply larger photocards.


Posters are a must-have in the room of any great fan. The majority of albums have posters, although additional posters can be bought at promotional events or concerts.


At their solo concerts, most idol groups will sell merchandise such as T-shirts, coats, and hats. What better way to show your support for your favourite band than by wearing their emblem on your body?


Groups occasionally create their own books of photos, but fansites are also recognised for producing beautiful books dedicated to their heroes on a regular basis. If you are looking for EXO official merch, you can rely on Kpop Merchandise Online.

Slogans of Gratitude

Official cheering phrases are used by some groups, however many cheering slogans are created by fansites or fan unions. Fans have recently begun to create “reflection slogans” with brief messages on them.


Having a small doll replica of your favourite idol with you at all times is a lovely way to always have them with you. While certain groups, such as BIGBANG, have official dolls, the majorities of dolls is manufactured by fans and even include small extras.

Sticks of Light

Fans who wish to attend music performances or concerts should bring light sticks with them. Most organisations have their own approved light sticks, which may not change colour.

Banners for Miniatures

The small banner is one of the most recent fads to hit the K-Pop fandom. Fans can make small posters that stand up on their own with the help of a simple device.

Fans Who Are Transparent

Because of the sweltering weather, transparent fans have become extremely popular. Transparent fans, like small flags and reflecting phrases, are all the rage these days.

Tags for Luggage

Many K-Pop fans travel around the world to see their idols, and what better way to display their affection than to have it emblazoned on their luggage. K-Pop luggage tags are becoming increasingly popular, with everything from group logos to small chibi images of idols.

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