Different Specification Levels of Salt Spray Chamber

When we talk about a Salt Spray Chamber, it is one of the latest and most versatile salt spray corrosion test systems. It comes with a superb design, ergonomics, and high quality. they cover every testing requirement from continuous salt spray test through to condensation humidity and modified tests.


Usually, salt spray testing is a process of verifying the corrosion resistance of coatings and materials that are used to produce products such as fasteners. During this salt spray testing, and enhanced corrosive attack is fashioned to forecast how well the coating protects the metal.

Several external factors impact corrosion and there is a weak correlation between the coatings duration in the test and its actual expected life. This is where salt spray testing plays a major role. It is helpful when used on samples to conclude a pass-or-fail grade and compare it to expectations. Moreover, it determines and checks the effectiveness of a particular production procedure.

This test is carried out in a specific closed Salt Spray Chamber. A saltwater solution is applied to a sample via a spray nozzle to duplicate a corrosive experiment. After a few times, the look of the presence of oxides is evaluated as per the corrosion resistance of a product. This test can take between 24 and 1,000 hours or more for the certain coatings

Specification levels of Salt Spray Chamber-

Standard (iS)- It meets the needs of basic, continuous salt spray tests directed at a single temperature only and similar international test standards as well as may be utilized with pH neutral salt solutions (NSS) or those acidified by the adding of Acetic Acid (ASS) or Cupric Acid (CASS).

Premium (iP)-  It comes with extra features that allow them to start ‘modified’ tests such as those defined in ASTM G85. Here conventional salt spray is often combined with one other climate, in a two-part cycle, to accelerate the test.

Different models of Salt Spray Chambers are available to choose from.

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