Different Types of Automatic Electric Gates

The latest trends for gates have been clearly bending towards the automated sides of it, and that is all for good. Automating the entry gates has added many added benefits, and there are different types of gates available in the market. What would be the best option for you can only be advised by the best gate operator installations in Sugar Land, TX, and thus it is always advised to meet an expert before making an actual purchase.

So what are the different types of electric gates available in the market –

Swing gates

Swing Gates have been the most preferred type of automatic gate among consumers. They generally go with almost all available entryways. Sliding doors work with the help of worm and wheel reducers. They have the most simplistic designs and are available in multiple variants with different materials and options. Swing gates have offered flexibility for multiple applications in a variety of settings, which includes different types of establishments. Commercial electric gate installation in Houston, TX, has also been installing large numbers for military bases, transportation hubs, hospitals, etc. Swing gates and doors make the control over the entry on an airport terminal line, a military facility, or industrial warehouse extremely easy.


Liftgates are meant to rise in order to provide opening and fall in order to close. Commercial electric gate installation in Houston, TX, is very common for parking entries that required frequent block or allow access. They can be as simple as a bar that permits entry or denies access to a vehicle or a hugely complex system that rises or sets down when the time requires.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates have machinery below them that moves them out of the way when you tend to open it up. It is recommended that you have a lot of space for one of these gates to slide along the track and also the sides that are surrounding the property—installed sliding gates run along a fixed track, with the major weight of the gate borne by wheels. The track is installed that controls the opening, running below the gate, and the gate itself has the pre-programmed automated operation. Sliding gates are available in single, paired, and telescopic designs. Tracked sliding gates are famous for providing a high level of security as force opening them is extremely difficult, and the few moving points of their builts are not easy to reach out to. Due to their hard design, you can easily trust them, and even in the extreme wind, they would never disappoint you. But the best gate operator installation in Sugar Land will surely inform you that their maintenance requires more effort than others.

Each type of gate has its own significance, while the popularity for sliding gates is on rise, swing gates are the most commonly used types of gates. Which gate would for whom clearly depends on their preferences and requirements.

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