Different Types of Body Support Aids

Pain in the little finger makes it difficult to work. So, think, how can discomfort in other parts of the body make us feel? It would make it difficult to work and even rest. And in the worst case, if they are left untreated, they may lead to severe conditions or even death at times.

Previously, it would have been a challenge to curb it. Support aids would be a luxury. However, now, the pain is common. Hence, there are thousands of support aids available in the market. Customers can buy from a wide range of back supports to wrist supports and others.

Let us see different kinds of body part-specific pain relief supports available today.

1. Ankle & Foot Supports

How many times have you experienced a sprained ankle? It happens often. And the solution you implement to heal the sprain or strain is to wrap the sprained ankle overnight with a band, and the next day, you’re back to normal.

Yes, an ankle sprain is the most common joint injury. If it’s a slight strain, you can heal it with the tried and tested formula – RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). However, there are different aids that can help relieve pain. For example, you can go for ankle braces that provide compression support or restrict mobility. Other than this, you can opt for heel cushions, support wraps, and more.

2. Elbow Supports & Shoulder Supports

Elbow pain is most common among athletes, especially tennis athletes. That is why it’s also known as tennis elbow. The pain is usually associated with the overloading of tendons outside the elbow due to repetitive movements. And these movements then tear the tendons causing elbow pain.

Elbow and shoulder pain is also common among the people who do physical labor.

So, to maintain joint stability and provide pain relief, different elbow supports and braces are available today.

A few include elbow straps, elbow sleeves, shoulder slings, brace, immobilizer, etc.

If you don’t want to go for this, an alternate option includes cold and hot packs. They will help you soothe sore muscles and tendons.

3. Back Supports & Hip Supports

Gone are the days where back pains were commonly found in the elderly and disabled. Now, even 25 years old complain about severe back pain. Well, that’s all thanks to the sedentary lifestyle, long working hours, improper postures, and whatnot. The back and hip pain are so common that every alternate person experiences it on a daily basis. Thus, the need for back supports and hip supports comes up.

Fortunately, you can find a broad range of products to ease your pain. They include different types of braces, belts, mattresses, orthosis, vests, and more.

4. Head & Neck Supports

Wrong pillows and a sudden jerk often cause pain in the neck. Special kids and others with some post-accident and disabilities can also find it difficult to move the head or even sit due to a neck injury.

To provide aid that compliments everyone’s needs, businesses have brought in special supports into the market. The head and neck support offer a proper position and improve swallowing, feeding, breathing, and interaction. These supports are soft, mostly made of foam.

The common support aids in this section include head supports, cervical collars, neck rolls, and neck pillows.


From a minor strain to recovering from an accident, body supports can help soothe the pain. They can be the key in the recovery process, but only if you choose the right one.

Different equipment has different purposes and qualities. Even if you consider a cervical collar, there are types of it, each suitable for a particular person’s need.

You won’t find aid is not the scenario. Whether you can choose one that’s best for you is a challenge.

So, identify your pain and requirements, and opt for the best one.

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