Different Types of Gravel Based on Sizes and Its Applications

Have you ever seen large heaps of different sized stones at a construction site or roadworks? Those heaps of stones are technically called gravel. This is an important building material and is used in almost all types of housing and commercial construction project. This Lethbridge gravel has different applications based on its size. And if you have a construction business or are thinking of starting one, you must have the basic knowledge of these different sized gravel stones. In this article, we will give you a brief introduction of the same.

· Bluestone: If you are looking for a gravel stone suitable for landscaping, then bluestone must be your first choice. Three-quarter inch in size, silvery with blue undertones, bluestone is most used to make decorative driveways and pathways. This stone turns blue when it is wet, hence the name.

· Pea Size: This gravel stone is of one quarter to one-half inch in diameter and is again a great choice for landscaping. If you are looking to make your pool deck more attractive, you must choose the pea-size gravel.

· ¾” screened: This is one of the most popular sizes of gravel used in the construction business. This is used for walkways as it helps build a smoother surface for walking.

· Drainage rock: This type of gravel has a size of one to three inches. This is used to form an excellent base for smaller stones in landscaping.

· Boulders: This is the largest-sized gravel stones and is exclusively used as a decoration. Since it is difficult to move, it is seldom used.

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