Different Types of Hot Water Heaters on the Market

Water heaters are the most essential home appliance that you must have. While the temperatures are dropping in winter, a water heater will supply hot water in your shower, for laundry, in the kitchen sink, and any other place you want hot water. Therefore, you must get a water heater installed in your house immediately. Now, you might have heard that gas hot water unit Perth are the best type of water heater that you can install in your house. Typically, better than conventional water heaters, gas water heaters are environmentally friendly, energy, and cost-efficient. But before you make your final choice on which type of water heater you must get installed, here are two other types available on the market.

· Heat Pump Water Heater: Also known as a Hybrid water heater, this type of heater uses heat in the ground or in the air to heat water. This heat from the ground or air is extracted with the application of electricity which differs from the conventional water heater where electricity is used to heat water. This type uses almost 60 percent less energy.

· Solar Water Heater: As the name suggests, this type of water heater uses the heat of the sun to heat the water. Being the most energy-efficient of all the types of water heater, a solar water heater can be the best choice. Solar panels are mounted on the roof to extract the sun’s energy for heating water.

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