Different types of Indian jewelry that every bride must know about

Indian jewelry is one of the most exquisite ones in the jewelry world – after all, there are only a few cultures all over the world that are as rich and old as ours. So whether talk about the gold jewelry that every Indian bride likes or the Indian traditional jewelry that most of the parts of India take pride in – there’s something available for every woman.

Here are the different types of thread jewellery that women love and where you could find them. Not only can you wear them at your cousin’s wedding or a traditional event, but these different types can also be your very prized possession.

1- traditional twist of Temple jewelry

As the name says, temple jewellery is the one that was used previously to adorn goddesses and deities. Most of them are available in heavy gold and should be worn alone because they are heavy in themselves. Not only by the deities, but dancers also made this type of jewelry part of their lives. Now slowly it has begun to be worn by the women in weddings and functions. Temple jewellery mostly consists of the designs that represent gods and goddesses and most of its designs are found in South Indian temples.

2-Reviving old charm with Antique jewelry

Owning antique jewelry is like being a part of glorious days gone. In today’s world, it is also very much in demand, so if you love them, you might have to shell out quite a bomb in the pawn shop but rest assured, it will definitely going to be the best investment.

3-Lac jewelry is the pride of Rajasthan

Lac or Lacquer is the jewelry that is typically from Rajasthan. Only because of its appeal, it has become famous all over the country. Motifs and geometrical prints are used primarily in Rajasthani necklace but nowadays even floral motifs are famous. Now, Lac is even exported to different parts of the world.

4-The Iranian touch of Meenakari jewelry

This is the ancient form of traditional jewelry that originates in Iran but soon it got adopted in different parts of India because of its look and demand. Most of the brides started to prefer this jewelry style as their primary wear and therefore it began to be sold in different parts of the country.


So these were the artificial jewellery that most of the women love – starting from the expensive one to the versatile, there’s something available for everyone and for every occasion.

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