Different types of mold testing services San Francisco Bay area

Are you facing a problem identifying the molds growing in different corners of your house by yourself? Determining the presence of molds inside or outside the house or in any other place is not a simple task. Molds can grow in any place containing moisture around them. Only scientific measurements used by different mold testing services San Francisco Bay area has available can help you identify those quickly.

The different mold testing techniques used in their services can help identify the type of mold species present in a particular area or space if you are unaware of the techniques these mold inspection and testing service companies use. Then, here in this article, we have mentioned the various methods they choose to use for identifying these molds.

  • Non-viable air testing technique

One of the most common methods used by experts for identifying the presence of molds in the air is the non-viable air testing technique. It involves a plastic cassette used for drawing inside the air of a particular place, like a warehouse or basement, for a specific amount of time. However, in this process, mold and other particulates in the air get sucked inside.

Once the air is drawn inside, the molds get collected on a slide and later are sent for inspection. A technician will later identify how many molds are present by counting the spores, although they can’t determine the specific number.

  • Viable air testing technique

The viable air testing method is not as standard as the non-viable air testing technique. Still, it is known to convey more information regarding the type of mold being collected from a specific place. This method allows you to distinguish between the mold species based on their characteristics and appearances.

It is pretty practical compared to other methods used for mold testing, but they don’t come at a low price. They are costly and time-consuming due to several types of media involved in identifying each species.

  •  Surface sampling technique

This mold testing method is a little different from the other methods as it involves testing on a specific surface to identify the type of mold species growing in that area.

It is more of a qualitative method rather than quantitative and can be divided into subcategories depending upon a particular purpose. Its techniques include bulk material tape lifts, swab sampling, dust sampling, etc.


Knowing about the different types of mold testing is crucial as it helps you know beforehand what you can expect from the method they would choose to use. Hopefully, after reading the above article, you are familiar with the methods. You can also ask the mold testing service people to employ a specific method according to present circumstances.

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