Different Types of Refrigeration Motors

Refrigeration Motors

Refrigerators are an important asset in any place, and they are used not only in homes but also in the shops and big bakeries for keeping the food eligible for eating. The refrigerators used in the shops and bakeries are not just fine for keeping food fine but are also large, and they are also customized as per the need of the client’s place of installation. The refrigerators run with the help of refrigeration motors, and if it stops, it can also decrease the food quality. Certain foods need to be kept in a cold place all the time, like dairy products and ice creams, and cold drinks. The refrigeration motors play a vital role in keeping the food chilled, and the motors are installed as per the fridges’ requirement. Many Shopfitting contractors in London can help you install the motors right, and they also provide timely service for it. These motors come in the different freezing facilities from moderate to low freezing units, and there are packages too for a multi-motor system.

Following is a short guide you can read for understanding the type of motor the refrigerator requires.

  • Medium Condensing Unit

They provide condensing from the minimum of -1 to +8 degrees of temperature to your food. There are three different units under this medium condensing unit as follows:

The first one is the 1.0 & 1.5 Condensing units which are low-cost units used for the smaller place of applications and mostly for the cold rooms and meat survival which are not covered under the scroll compressors. They have lesser weight than the scroll units, and they are heavy-duty, and they are operated on 1-phase (240V).

The second one is the 2.5 & 3.5 Consending units, and these are the best motors due to their durability and strength. These are suitable for the summer heat and provide premium standard quality. These are also operated on the 1-phase (240V), and these are fully dressed units ready for the connection, and the pipe and electric power cable are required to work.

The third one is the 5.0 & 6.0 condensing units, and they have a premium functionality just like the 2.5 & 3.5 condensing units, and they are also durable and have good strength. The difference is the energy required for operating these units; they are operating on 3-phase (415V).

  • Low-Temperature Motors

These units provide condensing from -18 to -21 degrees and it has two different kinds of units under this type as follows:

The first one under this is the 2.0 & 2.5 condensing units, and this need to be assembled before taking into use and a rotary compressor is installed of 240 Volts.

To reduce the liquid line temperature, these have a liquid injection system that helps the compressor the independent cooling system. These are reliable and cheap for the duty, and these operate the conditions of a freezer room or a standard remote upright freezer. They can operate a three-door upright freezer or 4X4 sized rooms at a temperature of -20 degrees C.

The cold room packages include low and medium-temperature condensing units and decide as per the client’s need.

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