Different Types of Water Flow Detector

When it comes to large systems, seawater is the primary preferred suppressant. The seawater use causes much trouble to header and branch flow detecting devices such as water meter sensors. Finding the right Water Flow Detector is not a walk in the park. If you wish to know about many water flow detectors, keep reading this guide and be informed.

In-Line Mechanical Type Target flow Switches

This Water Flow Detector depends on a barrier put in a pipe. Usually, the target offers a force because of the force drop when the flow rate begins. That force is utilized in actuating an output switch. Typically, the size of this target should be large in firewater systems to be detected. The seawater rises as the more nozzles start to run. The listed high volume is due to the risen force drop in the obstructing target.

Most target types of flow switches fail to work due to the use of thin metal bellows. Many dealers make devices with thin metal bellows as a force-carrying seal in the electrical switch body and the target’s flow line.

High seawater flow rates happen when cyclic testing is done on the fire system and during fires. Those barriers that remain in the flow are fluff bodies and produce very steady vortices during the high flow speed times. The load put to the spinning action caused by the vortices can tear the target and send it downstream. That causes these tools to fail in detection.

Delta Controls Model 626 Flow Rate Detector

The model 626 water flow detector is designed for detecting the flow in deluge fire shield modes. It fuses all the traits crucial to seeing flow in the seawater systems. Typically, a target hinged at the top allows spinning upwards until flush upon the inside pipe wall. The low flow volumes caused by the single nozzle are more than ample to cause the target to actuate the output alarm switch and later spin on its hinge. Until the seawater flow ends, the pipe bore must remain open and free.

The gravity pulls the target back to the down and then resets the output switch links to the usual place. This model 626 monitors the seawater flow rate and waits for the next event. One of the fantastic things about this model626 is that the high flow speed does not harm the detector. The only thing exposed to the seawater flow is the thin edge of the target.

Final Thoughts

Set electric meters are not ideal for detecting water flow since it only gauges things that occur when flow happens. So a fixed water meter sensor is the most used device due to its fewer chances of failing. It also has no moving parts. Water Flow Detector comes with a wide range of types in the market, but this guide has listed the most popular styles.

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