Different varieties of Temple jewelry South Indian brides wear after they get married

Temple jewelry, the name itself tells you of its grandeur and splendor. It sticks out among all different sorts of jewelry because of its royal and lustrous appearance. Even as we’ve seen the lovely, sensitive polki, pearl and Kundan jewelry rule the north Indian weddings, the jewelry is worn by South Indian brides are absolutely exceptional. A South Indian bride is incomplete without the beautiful looking jewelry set.

Now, whether you are a South Indian bride yourself or need to impress your South Indian mom-in-law, right here are some of the South Indian jewellery pieces you must own to sport the suitable South Indian bridal appearance.

  • Manga Malai

Additionally called as Manga Malai, Mango Mala is a conventional South Indian necklace. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Manga Malai is using mango shapes used to make the necklace. The mango motif lends distinctiveness and splendor to its layout. A heavier version of the Manga Malai traditional jewelry is best for weddings and appears ethereal with a Kanjeevaram saree.

In case you are a smart bride who desires to reuse the necklace for other occasions and events in the future go with a design that’s less complicated. On your marriage day, pair the simpler one with another simple necklace.

  • Kasulaperu

Traditionally made with Goddess Lakshmi cash strewn together on a chain, Kasulaperu or Kasumala, is must-have for every South Indian bride. Completed with Kemp stones, uncut diamonds and other precious gems of the necklace set, the grandeur of those neck pieces are such that a bride appears nothing less than a royalty herself. There are distinct approaches you may wear this along with your bridal apparel depending upon the appearance you need to achieve.

  • Vanki

For a South Indian bride, Vanki or Bajuband is a critical piece of antique jewelry. While wearing Vanki, try to wear a blouse with smaller sleeves or cap sleeves that intensify it well. If you need to give yourself retro vibes go together with puff sleeves or in case you need a mixture of current and traditional, a higher neckline would be an excellent preference. A boat neck shirt with small sleeves also is desirable to expose off your beautiful Vanki.

  • Vadiyanam

Didn’t get the pronunciation right the first time? Don’t worry Vadiyanam/Vaddanam is just every other call for the Kamarbandh, the traditional long and elegant chain like South Indian jewellery usually worn across the waist. For the South Indian brides, Vadiyanam is must to have accessory. These days it is available in diverse designs and patterns with ruby, emeralds and numerous different treasured gems decorated on it.

However, a conventional Vadiyanam could have Goddess Laxmi sitting on a lotus flower in the middle of the band. The jewelry appears incredible when paired with silk or Kanjeevaram sarees.

Bottom line

Elegant, royal and with some retro touch, these south Indian necklaces for women inspirations are best for brides-to-be who like to hold the ethnicity alive. Which one is your favorite?

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