Different Ways to Market Your Brand with Promotional Apparel

Is promotional apparel worth the investment? Custom clothing is slightly more expensive than promotional materials, and many businesses will understandably go for cheaper options. But using them can allow you to stand out from the crowd, attracting a wider audience for your brand.

How to use promotional apparel to your brand’s advantage

  • Understand your target audience

You don’t always have to offer your customers a full line of clothing. Instead, you should narrow down your target audience and find the best pieces to suit them.

For instance, what if your business caters to working adults with full-time office jobs? You can give them custom business shirts or casual polo shirts, which are must-haves in a professional environment.

How about for businesses in a more niche area, such as medical and pharmaceutical supplies? Leading promotional tools suppliers in Australia offer custom scrubs made with high-quality fabric, perfect for healthcare providers and medical staff.

  • Take every opportunity to promote your brand.

Are there any trade shows coming to your city soon? Is your local government planning to hold a small charity event? When the opportunity comes, don’t hesitate to take it. Using promotional clothing to bring more attention to your brand during events is the best way to attract new audiences and remind old customers of your existence.

You can also choose events to attend based on your target audience. For example, if you want to give away promotional tracksuits, consider sponsoring a marathon or a local sports competition.

  • Reward your most loyal customers

Events aren’t the only way for you to keep customers happy. If you notice familiar faces visiting your store regularly, why not offer promotional items to reward their loyalty?

Restaurants and diners, for instance, can give out stamp cards and reward returning customers after a certain number of visits. You can also host contests during special occasions, award branded clothing to your 100th shopper of the month, or grant free items with bulk orders.


Looking for high-quality shirts, aprons, vests, and other promotional apparel for your loyal customers? Make sure to order your custom-made marketing materials from trusted suppliers in the country.

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