Different Ways to Teach Toddlers about Shapes

Teaching toddler about the shapes is also part of child development. Also, it helps develop a bond with the toddler. In our Best Play School in Noida, we engage kids into common games that are simple approaches to teach your toddler about shapes. For the quite inventively inclined, strive to make your shape learning more engaging for little ones.

Several Ways to Teach Toddlers about Shapes

  1. Teaching Shapes with Games

If you want your kids to learn shapes then games are the best approach to make it possible. Many easy games are there to follow and introduce shapes to the preschoolers.

Teach shapes with a ball. Make several shapes using painter’s tape on a hard floor. Speak up the name of a shape and request the child roll the ball to that shape. Switch jobs with your kid and ask him to speak up the shape names.

Try a geometry jump. Draw shapes using chalk on your driveway. Utilize the same colour for every type of shape. Ask your kid to opt for any shape they want. When they get to the shape, shout out the shape name they landed on.

Explore online games. There are ample of astounding resources available only to educate your toddler regarding shapes such as games that the child can play on a tablet, home computer, or smartphone.


  1. Teaching Your Toddler Shapes with Common Items

Trace shapes. Take a few everyday household items such as pasta boxes or Mason jar lids. Take a marker or crayon and trace the shape to show it to the toddler. Then enable the kid to trace their shapes on paper.

Read books about shapes. There are incredible books regarding shapes that are ideal for educating your toddler about shapes.

Learn shapes with blocks. If you own blocks of several shapes hanging out in the toy room, you can place them to utilize by having the kid utilize them to learn about shapes.


  1. Making Art with Shapes

 Draw shapes with crayons and paper. This is an extraordinary method to teach your toddler shapes. Be seated with your toddler and draw a shape, for example, on your piece of paper. Ask your kid to make a circle on her piece of paper.

Use a chalkboard and chalk. There is an ideal chance you have a chalkboard in your house. In this way, you have to help your toddler learn shapes. Take a bit of chalk and make a circle on the blackboard. Tell your little child that the shape is a circle. Tell her to draw her circle alongside yours.

Make a triangle tree. With the help of construction paper, draw and cut off a big triangle to give triangle tree a base. Then assist your kids to make multiple small triangles and cut them up. At last, assist your toddler to paste the small triangles on the bigger one to form a triangle tree.

Hence, at one of the best Pre Schools in Noida, we use these methodologies to let children identify different shapes through these amazing ways.


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