Different Ways You Can Use Gravels

Construction requires a different range of products and each item has its significance. One of the basic components in construction is stone where crushed stones are mainly used in construction. Besides this, there is another type of stone that is used in the construction, i.e., gravel Lethbridge AB and it is different from crushed stone.

Crushed stones are after products of rock stones that are crushed by machinery while gravels are naturally occurring. They are called water-transported stones that usually have around corners. As they are found near water bodies, mostly they have a smooth texture and surface.

If you have any requirements regarding gravel, you can purchase them from any construction material shop or any wholesalers. Also, you must know that different types of gravel are used for different applications. These are some common type of gravels that are used in construction :

Quarry Rock and Concrete Gravel: It is not a natural type of gravel. It occurs from crushing salvaged concrete. This type of gravel is mainly used in laying the foundation.

Medium Gravel: It is packed tightly. It has a medium capacity to soak the water. It is used in major pavers, middle of roads to support drainage. It is perfect for loamy and regular soil.

Coarse Gravels: They can bear the heftiest loads. They are best for less drainage soil. It could be used on roads or wherever is needed to deal with poor drainage and heavy loads.

Fine Gravel: It has a slightly coarse texture than sand. They have less capacity for soaking water as particles are packed so compactly. They are used in decorative landscapes, fish aquariums, etc.

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