Different Websites Designs in Which Ireland based Web Design Agencies Deal

Web Design Agency IrelandAre you aware about the fact that over 1.8 million websites are present over the internet? Yes, you heard it right! Of late, every business is realizing the importance of a website and regardless of business scale, it is hiring a Web design agency Ireland to get their unique website.  The process of designing a website is not simple. The web design professionals prefer asking a number of questions from their clients before deciding the best website design. These questions are as follows:

  1. Who are the target audiences of a website?
  2. Why they will visit your website?
  3. What problem it will solve?
  4. Why they will visit your website again and again?

These questions are important to answer by a company as the answers help a web design company to choose the best website design for them. Mostly websites represent a company’s professional image and based on answers shared by clients, the reputed web design agency in Ireland divide a website either into content or functionality category.

Talking about content classification, mostly websites are either static or dynamic.

  1. Static Websites: Also known as fixed ones, these websites are the basic websites which do not require frequent updation. The business owners do not change the content of these websites and they create such websites purely for information goals rather than for interactions.
  2. Dynamic Websites: The content of dynamic website requires content updation. E-commerce websites are the classic examples of dynamic websites where business owners display different kinds of information and keep updating it so that visitors keep coming back.

Based on purpose and functionality, the websites are categorized as follows:

  1. Personal Websites: These websites aim at promoting an individual from work’s perspective. The Ireland based web design agencies clarify that the demand of such kinds of websites is limited and from freelancers and writers only.
  2. Corporate Websites: These websites promote a business offerings and their main target is to increase the conversion ratio. This is the main reason corporate websites incorporate gamut of information like their products or services, company’s philosophy, contact address, reviews and testimonials of customers.
  3. Educational Websites: The educational websites contain a lot of information that help users to gain information and enhance their knowledge. These websites are popular amongst education and healthcare industry. Such websites have pages even in hundreds and usually designed in a simple way.
  4. Directory Websites: The best example of directory website is Yellow Pages. In other words, yellow pages are offline version of directory websites. These websites contain information on one particular theme like all hotels and restaurants in an area and so on.
  5. Video Streaming Websites: Web design agency in Ireland believes these websites may change the face of websites in the near future. These websites contain high-rated videos that provide valuable information in a catchy manner.

If you are confused about which website design will solve your business purpose, no need to worry. It is because a professional web design agency in Ireland will help you in this regard.

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