Digital Dispatch Console: Why you Need One

Technological advancement has changed how people communicate on all levels. Good communication systems in the workplace can significantly increase efficiency and service delivery to your clients. Digital dispatch solutions have significantly changed the communication system in organizations today.

Digital dispatch consoles come with a bunch of features that improve functionality, safety, and channel efficiency. They are made to improve specific communication strategies for companies that use radio communication. If you have not made the switch to digital dispatch consoles yet, here are more compelling reasons to convince you to do so.

  1. Better audio quality

Digital radio consoles are designed to maintain clear, high-quality audio even at the coverage areas’ edges. This means that operators will not have to deal with white noise or too much background noise over the radio when the other person is near the edge of coverage. They have also been built to detect and automatically correct transmission errors meaning they can screen out the noise and reconstruct degraded transmission signals. 

  1. Added safety features

Dispatch furniture manufacturers have made safety a priority by adding features like GPS, remote monitoring, emergency management, and much more. This will help you know if your employees are safe or approaching danger zones and unauthorized areas. If a radio is stolen or causing interference with other communication, you can easily disable it to ensure your organization and staff’s safety. 

  1. Double capacity

Digital radios can support multiple people on the same channel because it uses two-slot time division multiple access (TDMA) technology. The technology enables you to double the channel capacity by dividing the timeslots, making them two separate talking paths to be used by different users. For example, if you are using a 12.5 kHz signal, the TDMA technology divides it into two equal channels of 6.25kHz each.

  1. More power and battery life

The double capacity feature of digital mobile radios increases battery life by 40 percent. This is because, during a call, only one of the two available slots is in use. The unused slot remains idle, meaning it doesn’t use any power, increasing the radio’s battery life. Remember, what drains the battery most is the transmit time. 

There are several factors to analyze when choosing a digital dispatch console. Some dispatch furniture manufacturers might not support some features that you might need for your company. There are also many types of digital dispatch solutions like direct IP, remote usage, and much more. Are there any costs you must watch out for, such as installation, training, or licensing?

Incorporating the above points will help you get the most out of your dispatch console. Most people think that migrating from analog to digital is hectic, but that’s not the case. Digital dispatch solutions are designed to make it easy for you to make the shift. In most cases, you will not have to renew or change your license, and you will re-use your existing infrastructure equipment.

All this might be hard to figure out on your own, so don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Americon for more information and advice on the best digital dispatch consoles for your organization.

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