Digital Marketing Agency and its trends you must follow in 2020!!

This pandemic situation has made the online industry grow gradually day by day. So many companies do work from home and many of them have continued their routine. An online marketing company is an innovative fraternity. It has daily new updates in marketing and cheating its way to winning the audience’s hearts. There are billions of searches recorded in the US each month. It has 4.57 billion active users on the internet. This is a number you should keep in mind to be visible in the online world. This constantly evolving arena will give your business the benefits of being on top of the trends. Following these trends will create your brand awareness and also you will enjoy being the favorite of your audience. And with Competitor Analysis you must analyze that if your competitor does follow these trends and why not you?

   Now let’s discuss what are these trends and how they impact-

  • Google is ruling SEO and your Content is Charioteer – Google has been dominant in SEO and marketing online for years. It has billions of searches records. Also, it tries to be more simple and useful to everyone day by day. Your website’s content must be more relevant to your product and the services you provide. For better ranking to search engine result page an SEO Agency understands the basic algorithm of Google Spiders and crawlers.
  • Interactive Emails – Emailing is very much fruitful for your online business. As it creates an image of your business in your customer’s mind. No more plain text email for now on this new trend of interactive emails is the icing on the cake. This pixel-perfect attractive email looks like a website portfolio. This Email Marketing updated in 2020 functions and looks similar to web pages. For standing on top, going with this trend can build more recognition of your business. 
  • Relevance to Mobile SEO – Since this pandemic, there is a very good scope for awareness of your website. Most online Digital Marketers and influencers have stated and advised to build and mobile-friendly website and make it responsive to desktop. Because if we look backward to the last seven years mobile traffic has gone up 200% and also at present, it drives 50%  of all web traffic. This trend’s purpose is if one has a good experience for your website he will suggest to the one too and it can create a new symbol for your online store.
  • Shoppable Posts – There was an era when customers go through your store and shop their needs, sooner there started this online store or website trend and online shopping is successful. Shoppable posts are like where the customer makes a purchase through the store’s social media advertisement or posts. This is Social Business. This isn’t newly invented in 2020. But Instagram has made it more official in 2020. It advantages a store to sell products via social media posts and it will be a direct sale to customers.

This 2020 year has much to introduce you also have many new strategies for the Digital Marketers, Innovations in content to appeal or attract traffic, and relevance to Google SEO. Let digital marketing company come up with new statistics and trends that lead your website to a better place in SEO..

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