Digital Marketing for Service Industry: What Works and What Doesn’t?

Every business in the service industry aims to reach out to target customers and inform them of their value. That’s why top brands in the service-based industry invest in different types of marketing strategies. But marketing for service industry is hard when there are no customers to target.

The COVID19 pandemic hit almost all industries by surprise, causing millions of businesses to shut down. According to Facebook’s State of Small Business Report, the service industry suffered the worst. Up to 43% of wellness and fitness businesses were shut down. 41% of other professional service providers had to shut down operations as well.

The Return of Digital Marketing for Service Industry

Thankfully, the service-based industry is recovering. In this post-pandemic recovery era, digital marketing for service industry is more important than ever. That’s because modern-day customers conduct extensive research online before making purchase decisions. If a service-based company’s online presence isn’t strong, it will fail to attract audiences.

On the other hand, well-planned and strategic digital marketing for service industry helps businesses in this sector connect with audiences. These companies can reach their target audiences through various different marketing channels. But, which digital marketing services or channels help these businesses gain leads and conversions?

Here are the top digital marketing services that work the best for companies in the service-based industry.

Paid Digital Marketing for Service Industry

Paid online advertising is surprisingly cheap.

  • Companies in the service industry can advertise their brands on service industry websites, publications, and social media platforms for free. These free online advertising platforms help businesses boost their visibility.
  • PPC or pay-per-click advertising isn’t free, but it’s another cost-effective strategy for reaching out to target customers.

Approximately 65% of “high-intent” Google searches lead to users clicking on PPC ads. These ads appear on top of Google’s search results when specific keywords are searched by users.

  • For instance, let’s say your PPC ads are optimized for the keyword “hotel near Paris.”
  • Google users who look up this term will see your paid PPC ad at the top of the search results.

Bid for keywords set your budget and start running your campaign. PPC advertising is ideal for small service industry businesses as they get total control over how much they spend.

Functional and Fast-Loading Website

PPC ads or free social media posts may direct users to the website of a small service industry business. But, the website must be well-designed, info-rich, and optimized to convert visitors into customers. Here’s how experts in digital marketing for service industry create such websites –

  • Publish high-quality content to inform customers and nurture leads.
  • Integrate the website with third-party apps (e.g., CRM tools) to extend its functionalities.
  • Provide personalized user experiences. 80% of online shoppers claim they’ll revisit eCommerce websites if they receive personalized experiences. So, businesses must provide personalized offers and communication to website visitors.
  • Use chatbots to drive on-site user engagement. By 2024, companies across the globe will spend up to $142 billion on AI chatbot technologies.

Extra Focus on Analytics

It’s vital for businesses in the service sector to measure the results of their marketing investments. Adopting a data-based approach to digital marketing for service industry is very important. Businesses must invest in data collection and analytics tools. Use the detailed website and social media analytics to understand what’s working and what’s not.

MD: Strategic digital or revenue marketing for service industry can help businesses in this sector re-establish themselves in the post-pandemic era. Here are the most crucial digital marketing strategies for these businesses.

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