Digital Marketing – Now Is the Time to Broaden Your Horizons

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly turned our everyday lives upside-down, especially impacting how we communicate, work, shop, and carry out other necessary daily operations. With the outside movements being full of risks and difficulties, work-from-home and easily accessible e-learning solutions are indicating a massive shift towards online platforms. Time has never been more ideal for professionals across various fields to educate themselves in digital marketing – the latest buzzword in the corporate world.

Digital Marketing Scope

Below we have listed some bottom-line data points related to this digital shift among customers:

  • More availability of affordable 4G internet, higher smartphone infiltration, and increasing customer disposable income should push the Indian eCommerce market towards becoming a $200 billion industry by the year 2026 or maybe even before.
  • 90 out of 100 consumers have shifted their buying habits and switched to online platforms.
  • Almost 50% of consumers have started purchasing items online that they used to buy at brick-and-mortar stores earlier.
  • The majority of customers are bothered about visiting the physical stores due to the fear of getting infected amid this pandemic.
  • Moreover, customers are expected to continue with online shopping for the most part even after this pandemic ends, especially in grocery and personal care categories.
  • The majority of internet users in Southeastern Asia and China have been keeping away from public places rigidly.
  • Since brands are now striving to understand the existing consumer data to drive traffic to websites and online channels using retail customer relationship management software and marketing automation tools, digitization will become the main priority across all sectors.
  • Personalized online engagement will become a prime differentiator to sell essential items in categories like personal care & wellness, grocery, medicine, etc.
Digital Marketing Relevance

The demand for digital marketing courses offered by numerous online learning platforms has evidently skyrocketed. More and more companies are increasingly counting on digital marketing solutions to drive online traffic, identify new customers, improve audience engagement, build communities, branding and building stories around their brands, and so on.

Even companies that had only a few online channels for customer engagement before this pandemic hit are now progressively shifting towards SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer-driven online campaigns, among others.

Also, digital marketing methods are more cost-effective and feasible for businesses in the current scenario while producing relatively higher return on investment (ROI) as compared to traditional marketing techniques. Brands are picking digital campaigns that allow them to monitor their ad spends and compare metrics and returns, including total leads generated, ad viewership, analytics, CTR, and bounce rates, among others. Organizations are obtaining greater profit from digital marketing solutions such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and so on.

Effective community building and increased digital communications with the consumers amid this pandemic are helping the digital marketers thrive even in these times. Moreover, these marketers will be sought after before long, not just across businesses but also for celebrities, influencers, and personal brands similarly.

Specializations Offered by Digital Marketing Courses

With the availability of a wide range of career paths, digital marketing courses comprise numerous specializations in the sector. Being a digital marketing expert means progressing briskly in a fast-paced environment. The ideal way to establish a career in this field is by joining an online course and then either taking an internship or executing some projects.

Here are some of the preferred specializations:

  • Ecommerce Marketing – In the near future, online selling and buying are going to be the new normal, and candidates can easily find jobs for positions, including marketers, strategists, and analysts in this sector.
  • Content Marketing – Digital marketing managers will put more stress on content encompassing blog posts, videos, social media posts, PPC ads, etc. Content managers, strategists, and creators all can find job opportunities aplenty in the coming times once they have acquired the appropriate certification.
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO will continue to be an intense specialization as businesses will always be looking for professionals who can help them drive more traffic to their website and rank higher on search engines. In the coming years, SEO specialists will discover a better scope of growth.
  • Mobile Marketing – Mobile marketers are going to become highly desired professionals for a wide variety of companies, push strategies such as messaging, QR codes, in-game notifications, and push notifications, among others, to drive more engagement.
  • Social Media Marketing – Think of social media as the doorway to all future networking and customer engagement for companies in all domains. Therefore, without a doubt, aspirants pursuing this course in this field are never going to run out of job opportunities.
  • ORM – Online Reputation Management has become identical to modern-day Digital Marketing as any business’s online track record will directly influence their marketing/selling potential consumers. Now, this is a sphere that will draw in more learners before long.

So, these were a few professions that are currently sought after, and therefore, as a result, it has stimulated a demand for digital marketing courses across multiple online platforms.


The world is shifting towards digitalization, and with the data ready to be the next big battlefield for leading brands, proficient specialists in this domain can expect plentiful opportunities. According to industry estimates, professionals who have the right skill set, proficiency, and certification can seize the day in the next couple of years. Now is the time to widen your horizons and evolve with this ever-changing digital world, and well, this pandemic has definitely played a significant role in accelerating this change all of a sudden.

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SOURCE : Digital Marketing – Now Is the Time to Broaden Your Horizons

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