Digital marketing techniques for chemical companies

In many ways, B2B marketing is more challenging than consumer oriented brands, because there are limited channels available for promotion. If you are marketing in the chemical industry, you do need steel nerves because it is more difficult to market because it is constrained by strict regulations / legislation, globalization and product diversity.

In addition, product differentiation and USPS marketing are difficult to achieve. This is because the vast majority of chemicals are made up of the same components listed on the product packaging. Without innovative marketing, chemical companies will be difficult to survive and be competitive in regional and global markets.

A closer look at the chemical industry will find that it is not just a single industry. In fact, it is a group of industries that produce a variety of products, which play a completely different role in different fields and bring different benefits. In fact, few industries in the world need no chemicals in the production process.

Historically, large producers dominated the chemical industry. But today, niche companies are challenging the market that reshapes their markets, products, services and technologies. They focus on the needs of consumers, provide personalized batches to meet specific customer needs and focus on user experience. For example, the customer base for the paint and paint industry is the sales experience rather than the product. It’s no longer about the color of paint, but it looks like it’s on the wall and sitting in the whole family experience. These companies can do this with valuable customer data and insights gained through digital marketing campaign strategies, which will give them additional competitive advantage.

Strong brand

Brand is the key part of the digital marketing strategy of chemical industry companies. Historically, consumers in the industry have limited loyalty to brands – if they get products with the same chemical composition, they are happy to change the brand. Therefore, chemical companies need to focus on creating unique brand names, including the continuous delivery of high-quality products, competitive prices, customer support, positive reputation, etc., all of which can be communicated to the target audience through digital marketing technologies such as content marketing. The unique brand names and positive impressions established by Dow chemicals, DuPont and BASF se are the reasons why many buyers have not hesitated to buy these famous brand chemicals.

Embrace digital marketing

In this digital age, there is an old saying that without a search engine, your business doesn’t exist – and it certainly applies to the world of chemicals. Many potential customers rely on search engines to identify and research capable suppliers, so it is important for chemical companies to have a functional web presentation. One website is:

Overall optimization

Compatible with mobile technology

There is a good search ranking

Is it easy to browse all relevant information that the customer may need

Ability to capture action calls for guidance form instructions.

Support for the use of search engine marketing technology (SEM) and pay per click (PPC) advertising.

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