Digital Media – Providing Entertainment For the Next Generation

The next generation of digital consumer products are emerging every day, but still consumers seem to be confused on what to purchase. There are now over 400 million subscribers for digital television and approximately 5 billion views per day on YouTube alone. Consumers are becoming more aware of the effect technology is having on their lives and the impact it can have on their personal life.

Consumers are now facing a world of new things that they need. Things such as an easy to download movie and music player, a smart phone that also acts as a mobile phone, a laptop computer, an iPod portable music player, digital cameras, and some say even a cell phone that can play the newest songs. Some people even think about technology such as drones that will provide aid and safety on the ground. These are just a few examples of technology that the next generation of consumers is going to enjoy.

However, the recent surge in the popularity of video games is still a topic that is controversial. Consumers are not quite sure what to do with all these video games and if they can cause children to use drugs. There are even parents who worry about the effects of video games have on their children and how this can negatively affect their mental development.

Many game developers and designers are trying to come up with better ways of entertaining the children. They realize that there are more distractions in the home now than ever before.

The digital revolution is now beginning to take hold and influence the child-centric video games that many of us grew up playing. Soon these kids will be playing online games and enjoying their favorite characters and storylines.

Children seem to like to be able to experience and be engaged in the new media that is available to them. The parent will need to see this and decide what their expectations are for their children to experience this new media.

It is not uncommon for a parent to be skeptical of their children’s interests in a new generation of video games. But, the reality is that digital children is becoming increasingly common in schools and churches, even in our homes.

It is the parents responsibility to make sure that their children are not exposed to digital technology and will not be confused by the amount of information on the screen. Parents should check that their children are not going over the age limit of four to five years old. This is a critical time for their minds to be able to grasp this new media and develop their skills.

If parents are uncomfortable with the digital age, there are many educational games available now that is geared toward the younger generation. This includes educational games such as board games, educational books, and even adult coloring books.

As far as educational games go, some are geared toward the creative age group and some are geared toward the more interactive learning games. A parent can determine which age group is best for their child and then the parent can begin to establish what games they would like to purchase for their child to use at home or on the computer.

Teachers can use their books and curriculum as a way to introduce their students to the new digital age media. Teachers can also start teaching the children about how to use the computer with games or software programs that are related to education and computer usage.

Computers are becoming a part of all aspects of society. The next generation is taking advantage of digital media technology and it is exciting for a parent to see the new life-changing technologies that are being introduced to the next generation.

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