Digital Signage and Advertising Trends in 2021

One of the most important parts of running a successful business is getting the word out about your product. And apart from fliers, commercials, or any other form of advertising, signage is a very effective way of letting the world know what you’re selling.

And even just beyond being an alternative to print advertising or producing a TV spot, digital signage advertising is proving to be an asset both within and without the office.

This article will take a closer look at the ways in which digital signage is used in 2020 both internally and externally.

External Use of Digital Signage

Customer engagement is the ultimate endgame with advertising of any kind, and the biggest plus point of digital signage is how well it is able to capture the eye of the consumer. The ability to see an electronic sign at night, especially, makes it almost unquestionably a better option compared to print signage.

Besides being able to be seen clearly at any time of day, the ability to broadcast multiple messages is an advantage of digital signage. A digital sign can tell you what a restaurant’s special of the day is, but also implement such features as a digital calendar display to broadcast the time of day and temperature.

And the ability to receive more information could well result in an uptick in business for your establishment.

The impact of external digital signage for the purpose of customer engagement can most easily be seen in the use of enormous billboards in a place like New York’s Times Square. Advertisements can be run alongside real time news broadcasts, and all that commands the public’s attention is the size of the screen. The combination of size and strategic placement encapsulates all that could be done right with external digital signage.

Internal Use of Digital Signage

But client facing use isn’t all that digital signage is good for. Increasingly, digital signage software is making an appearance inside the office, as well. This is especially true in large corporations that have a large scale advertising presence. The company I work for not only using digital signage to constantly promote its brand and accomplishments to the employees, digital signage is also used to show advertising trends, product pricing, and other statistics that are nice to know. Indeed, there are employees whose entire job it is to project the appropriate figures on the screen, and others still whose entire job it is to analyze it.

A Final Word

The usage of digital signage has long held the potential to revolutionize advertising, particularly when placed up against more traditional forms like pamphlets and radio commercials. But the use of digital signage in and of itself is facing a 2020 revolution, with digital signage being used in places and ways other than the traditional roadside sign. With companies increasingly using digital signage to even keep track of their advertising efforts to their internal personnel, there is a chance that internal use may eventually overtake the external use of digital signage.

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