Digital signage becomes easier with Google Chrome Sign Builder

Digital signage is a means to display the most recent information on display screens. It can be used by students in a college, customers of a restaurant or employees of a factory. It helps communicate information to a large number of people at the same time. This display can be updated with the latest information. There are many software and utilities for developing digital signage that works on Windows, Linux, and chrome. One such utility offered by Google is the Google chrome sign builder. This utility helps you to schedule and display information across chrome devices (chromebox, chromebook, chrombit etc.).

What sets this Google chrome digital signage utility apart from other software is its ease of use and low cost. It is perfect for a small business setup that wants cost-effective solutions. One such example where Google chrome sign builder was used successfully was a vendor on Liberty Island. The sign builder was used for displaying live photo feed for a photo contest. The display attracted customers and helped increased sales. It proved to be a flexible, unique, easily manageable and low-cost advertising campaign. Because this utility is free the only cost involved was that of the chrome devices. It helped provide a clutter free and clean solution.

Similarly, Google chrome sign builder can be used for following cases:


Presentations and slideshows can be displayed and even modified by anyone having access to it.


YouTube playlists can be modified and scheduled to run and replay automatically.

Restaurant menus

Changing menus for different meal times can be scheduled according to the time and displayed.

This Google chrome digital signage utility is easy to install and deploy. You can either install it on one of your deployment chrome machines or on another computer. It can be downloaded from chrome web store andthen be deployed to run inGoogle chrome kiosk mode. This mode helps it to display content in a full-screen mode.

You can schedule your display to run at particular times.You can even see a preview of your digital sign that will go on display. It has various scheduling options like making the display run the whole day on particular days or to make it run at all times. You can also avoid displaying blank screens when there is nothing to display. This can be achieved by making alternative display and schedules or specifying a default URL to run when there is no display. With Google chrome sign builder, you can export the schedule file so that it can be easily used in the deployment process.

Google chrome sign builder is one of the most affordable and reliable signage utility. Since it runs on the chrome OS, it is stable and malware-resistant. Because of the device management feature, it helps in managing all chrome devices from a single point. It can be used for either as an advertisement display which helps improve sales or as an effective communicator to help convey important information. It is a multipurpose and inexpensive tool that is easy to use and manage.

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