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It is common to see words like this on many empty city walls and properties: “Posters will be prosecuted.” Irresponsible outdoor advertising has been responsible for legislation to prevent unauthorized use of outdoor advertising and blackout the names of responsible street advertisers.

With the advent of outdoor Digital Signage Installation NYC, similar problems have now emerged. Many controversies and controversies are now focused on the use of this new street advertising.

Critics of digital outdoor signage claim that it is aesthetically unsightly and may distract drivers. This has particularly led many US authorities to question street advertising legislation and consider additional restrictions on digital outdoor signage.

The restrictions imposed on the installation of digital signage include:

Limit the number of electronic billboards and digital signage systems in any given area

Restrict signage companies from converting traditional print media to Digital Signage Installation NYC

Restrict the time and frequency at which images and advertisements can be changed with the time limit set by the message, so it is a common limit to change no more than once every eight seconds.

Some states in the United States (Montana just to give one example) even prohibit the use of signage screens on state roads, which means that there will be no signage on the roadside of the entire state (this is for decades that have been using static billboards on the roadside Is a huge blow to the outdoor advertising industry and it is impossible to convert them into digital billboards)

Some of these measures may seem harsh; in particular, all roadside digital signage is banned, and many other cities, states, and countries may not restrict digital advertising in such a severe way. However, it is clear that if outdoor advertising companies fail to act responsibly and erect signage screens that may be considered unsightly, dangerous or annoying.

As an industry, it is important that all of us act responsibly, otherwise our own local councils and authorities may impose similar restrictions to limit the installation, profit and expansion of the entire outdoor digital signage industry.

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