Direct Marketing: 5 points for your web strategy

Direct marketing is a solution that lives up to its name: it must be direct, not waste time around unnecessary turns of phrase. Or rather, here there is a specific focus on a key element. A decisive element in terms of effectiveness. I’m talking about the target. The Target is consequently also …: direct marketing points to a subject speaks to that person and shapes the message around the recipient.

Taking an inverted pyramid as a reference, on the upper part we have the mass media which are addressed to a huge audience and which, in proportion, have a low value. There is little personalization of the message and no possibility to answer questions from the recipient. While the minimum vertex is represented by face-to-face contact. In this case, the cost is high, there are superior opportunities.

Or at least theoretically, it all depends on the seller. You can adapt the content to the mood of the subject, you can shine thanks to a stroke of genius. But you must always be able to do it, it is not easy to improvise in these cases: direct marketing is a thorny sector, it can give great results but it must be carried out in a workmanlike manner. Especially if you want to include these solutions in a digital strategy.

Direct marketing establishes a specific relationship with the person you want to reach, creates a discussion and the conditions for dialoguing with the customer. This is why it can be fully included in your inbound marketing process, under certain circumstances and following very clear principles. We do not improvise but make informed choices. And based on these 5 essential points to blend direct marketing into your web strategy.
The Topic of the Post
1 Choose the right tool
2 Treat the target like a Zen garden
3 Use direct marketing based on goals
4 Find buyer personas and journeys
5 Don’t forget the interaction
6 Direct marketing: your personal opinion
Choose the right tool
The first step to adapt the concept of direct marketing to the web is the choice of the tool to obtain the right results. In particular, it is the email marketing campaign that reigns supreme. Thanks to good software to send newsletters you can point to what is the heart of this methodology: create personalized, specific messages, capable of directly intercepting the possible interlocutor.

The topic has recently surfaced on this blog. A blog (short for “weblog”) is an “online newspaper”, or informational website, which displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest …: email is one of the most effective channels in the web marketing universe because it allows you to meet the public’s attention in the most intimate and reserved place of your online presence.

You are far from the distractions of social media and the recall of notifications: those who receive the e-mail messages do so because they have chosen. He left the email, so he’s motivated. And this is a strategic advantage.

Treat the target like a Zen garden
I want to use that image: the recipient must felt like a zen garden. Because in direct marketing, targeting is an impossible step to ignore. Indeed, it has to be tweaked maniacally. Because that’s all, this is the secret to a good strategy: you have to know the recipient and create content respecting the tastes, needs, needs of the people you want to reach.

To do direct marketing you have to study the base, but not only. You have to create a path of lead generation. Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting potential customers into leads, then obtaining contact information. In digital marketing, we use a …capable of segmenting itself automatically and functionally. All of this can be based on good content marketing work. Example: I create a document, perhaps an ebook, and I allow you to download it. At this point, however, I take the email and put it on a list.

The best software for email marketing has an essential feature: they allow you to create profiled lists. Then sections of your contact list with specific characteristics. Is the document I made available a basic guide to blogging? It will be downloaded by people who are starting and who want basic information. Maybe a blogging course that explains the ABCs of this profession. And here the concept of direct marketing is clarified and becomes more human.
Use direct marketing based on goals
I talked about a more humane and more effective web. This is possible thanks to an approach linked to inbound marketing. In a purchasing process, not all lead. Often translated as “contact”, a lead is an individual or company who has shown interest by sharing contact information, such as email address, telephone number …are ready to sell, especially if you work in the world of B2B.

So, when you have acquired a lead (through legitimate ways) you can use the contact to send content. Contents capable of passing the contact towards the condition of the customer.

It is not easy to achieve this. Just as it is not easy to use email marketing to delight the contact, but the idea is this: to create an editorial plan to divide the content activity by objectives. Because this is direct marketing: a precise approach, based on the personalization of content based on needs and comparison with contacts. This is why it is essential to outline the process.
Find buyer personas.
Buyer Personas are semi-fictitious representations of the ideal customer. They are based on market research, real data on existing customers, and some assumptions based on a journey
The fitting procedure to optimize the direct marketing manner? Create personas, models to outline the public. The step is simple: with a face-to-face process, you can aim for a straightforward solution. But with email marketing, you can segment and create groups of potential customers. With certain needs. This segmentation can be facilitated by buyer personas.
I’m talking about ideal-typical representations of clients. In your document, you summarize the characteristics of an individual who does not exist but summarizes the characteristics of a more or less cohesive group. Research and analysis including SEO Search Engine Optimization. Without forgetting the buyer journey, the process that the individual carries out during the purchase phase.

Of course, today the transition is more complex. Mobile marketing calls everything into question. Before the processes were based on a simple consequence between knowledge, evaluation, and decision, today there are alternative moments. This is possible thanks to proximity marketing, or perhaps with Facebook bots that immediately respond to needs in that famous Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT). In any case, it is your job to design a purchase path to support the personas.

Don’t forget the interaction
Direct marketing means reaching the right people with specific messages, and above all creating interaction. Don’t bet everything on the simple one-way message, but work on the discussion. People need you, your voice. It’s not enough to send messages to look for the sale: you have to be there. Without intermediaries, and this applies to email marketing but also in telemarketing and direct sales. Or other faces of direct marketing.
Direct marketing: your own opinion
In this post I address the issue of direct insurance marketing in broad terms, to give an introductory guide to those who are starting this path. Promoting online is not an easy job because there is no single path to follow: this is a clear step for the web marketing consultant who knows the right time to use the direct path. And have you already worked in this direction? Do you have any particular advantages to show or to tell? I await your opinion in the comments, let’s explore the topic together.

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