Direct Primary Care and You

How many times have you gone to the doctor, whether for a cold or something more serious, and been met with a surprise bill? In today’s world, medical costs can easily get out of budget and drive families into debt, especially in the case of emergencies. What if you could pay a monthly fee and have access to all the primary medical care your family needs? You’ll be searching “Direct Primary Care physicians near me” in no time.

Direct Primary Care is a groundbreaking healthcare model that functions similarly to other subscriptions, like a streaming service. Pay just one low cost a month and get all the care you need – without worrying about the bills to come.

This is actually not a new concept—it’s actually how doctors practiced medicine before insurance companies began to play such a huge role in our healthcare system. Direct Primary Care is a great option to alleviate stress from those who worried about medical costs, even with their health insurance policies. With Direct Primary Care, you won’t even have to bill to your health insurance provider – everything is taken care of.

Basic procedures are included in the membership cost and there are usually only additional charges if a sample is sent to the lab or pathology for processing. This transparency in pricing often leads to a fantastic and trusting relationship between the doctor and patient. DPC physicians are easy to access; they answer emails and phone calls, and have regular office hours, often accommodating same-day visits. This access results in better health outcomes and fewer urgent care and emergency room visits.

So, are you sold yet? Find a Direct Primary Care provider and get started – just search “Direct Primary Care physicians near me” to see a range of options available. Choose the provider that will fit best with your lifestyle and needs. This model of healthcare will change your life, keep you healthy and your checkbook happy.

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