Disclaimer: I’m not buying GME in almost any hopes of profit, I just hate citadel.

I utilize etrade (this component edited out in Animal Crossing Items it was factually wrong, etrade did confine gme and amc and my platinum asshole lied)

Disclaimer: I’m not buying GME in almost any hopes of profit, I just hate citadel.

I can only tell you exactly what I did. About 3 days back after RH gave that message they were no more selling’certain stocks’, I left an account with Fidelity (took less than 5 mins to setup acc + link bank). Then I simply did an EFT (electronic funds transfer) and that I managed to use 100 percent of this money I transferred instantly even though you do get any warning related to funds transferring when you buy the stock straight away, however you can still purchase it. I would tell you the specific warning but it already cleared since then so I do not recall the wording. I also needed an present accounts from an old job I had forgot about so when I signed up I simply had to upgrade some info. If you put it up and run into a problem I will try to assist you as best I could.

TD Ameritrade is restricting purchasing on volatile stocks, but from what I have seen they just increased the margin requirements to 100%. Anybody purchasing a brief squeeze on margin would need to be a retard. It’s dangerous, and also a sensible position for TDA to take so that they aren’t left holding the bag of retards who can’t meet a margin call. Additionally, it conserves YOLO newbies from themselves, though I doubt that’s TDA’s motivation.

OP left out a significant facet. Every day which Melvin can not get hold of the Switches the parents have already paid for, he must pay a forfeit to every parent for their trouble of waiting for them. And the more expensive these Switches get on the current market, the higher the forfeit, since these parents should rights already have these Switches, irrespective of how expensive they’ve gotten. Melvin attempts to put off paying the higher market cost as long as you can in the hopes it will eventually go down. Eventually the forfeits get so big, Melvin has no choice but to consume his just desserts and pay market price for those Switches.

At least that is how my retarded brain translated it, but I’m just a dumb ape, do not listen to me. I am just holding GME because I believe in the firm! ??????

Edit: thanks for the sake in/support for this article, RIP my inbox afterwards. A lot of the questions below can be readily answered if you just Google the terms. Https://www.investopedia.com/ is a good starting point. Any phrases that you don’t know, likewise Google them. This should all be part of buy Animal Crossing Bells your DD/research. If you can’t do that, you’ve no spot trading. Any queries regarding speculation, I know as much as you do. We are all retarded in here.

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