Discover Maximum Pleasure with Yoni Massage

Have you heard of Yoni massage? It is a tantric experience focused on the female sexual organ that can cause intense pleasure for women and one of the most intense orgasms. This intimate and pleasant experience, although it does not focus on reaching orgasm, aims to achieve maximum pleasure and relaxation.

The word ‘Yoni’ comes from Sanskrit and it means ‘sacred space’ or ‘sacred temple’ referring to the vagina; it is the equivalent of the Lingam in men. This can improve relationships by increasing the emotions and senses of both parties since it is based on a deep union. In addition to that, it is a way of showing respect and love that can increase trust in the couple.

By practicing this type of massage with your partner, you can experience sensations that will lead to better results in your sexual relations. Thus, it is the perfect way to culminate ecstasy. The Yoni massage is beneficial for both participants because the woman will be able to reach the climax and whoever has led her to achieve this sensation will feel satisfied with the results.


The first step is to pour oil or lubricant on the woman’s mons pubis until it reaches the outer lips which must be massaged with up and down movements using the thumb and index finger. Next, go to the inner lips, performing the same movement.

Next, it is time to advance to the clitoris, which must be gently caressed. Clockwise first, then counterclockwise. The pressure exerted with the thumb and index finger must be maintained. Afterward, put the palm of your hand up, insert the middle finger of your right hand, and massage the inside of the Yoni. It is very important that the right hand is used because it is directly related to polarity in Tantra.

It is at this time when you can reach the G-spot and move on to massage it in circles, back and forth, and side to side. If desired, the ring finger can also be inserted at the same time for a greater sense of pleasure. You can also continue massaging the clitoris or even the other parts of the body with your thumb.

Create a pleasant atmosphere                                              

The environment should be intimate, comfortable, and pleasant. It is a special moment for you and your partner and, therefore, you must feel connected. For this, the place where it is carried out must be at a suitable temperature. A bath before the massage can produce good results as well as kisses, massages, and intimacy between the two of you before starting the massage.

Focus on relaxation

During the massage, non-verbal communication is encouraged in order to not interrupt the relaxation process. Following this same line of relaxation, when the woman wants the massage to end,  the hands should be withdrawn slowly and carefully.

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