Discover The Best School in Ahmedabad In Terms Of Excellence

It’s rightly said, “The choice of school often acts as a great catalyst into any individual’s personal and professional growth”. 

GIIS schoolWhatever a kid wishes to become, laying down a strong foundation is every parents’ responsibility. After learnings at home, what plays a crucial role in any person’s success is the school itself. Hence, a parent needs to search for the best school in Ahmedabad that offers the overall development of the kid. 

The future is all about how a person will understand and adjust to different cultures. And by the help of globally accepted curricula and environment, International schools help kids become true future-ready candidates. GIIS Ahmedabad is one such leading institution providing students with an enriching learning experience. The best feature of the school is its global community itself! 

Headquartered in Singapore, GIIS has around 21 campuses in seven countries offering outstanding facilities like digital classrooms, well-equipped labs, and AV rooms. Similarly, GIIS Ahmedabad offers NextGen teaching to students, followed by a lot of opportunities to excel. The school uses a unique, award-winning methodology, 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship Framework helping students’ overall growth.

The scholarship ensures academic excellence, along with an opportunity to perform well in other extracurricular activities. The 9 GEMS of this scholarship program includes sports excellence, ethics, values, community and care, leadership and entrepreneurship skills, arts, innovation, and creativity.

The internationally recognized 9 GEMS approach of GIIS focuses on giving students the learning space and support they desire. It helps each student become a well-rounded global citizen. All the school levels of GIIS Ahmedabad – Pre-primary, primary school, secondary school, and high school emphasize a kid’s physical and mental growth. 

Especially, in the primary school section, each faculty member focuses on identifying, nurturing, and growing the student’s academic and non-academic interests. As they want students to get engaged and joyful learning experiences even if the CBSE curriculum gets rigorous. Apart from this, here are some more excellent features of one of the best schools in Ahmedabad that make the school worth giving a shot to all the parents!

Global Community

GIIS Ahmedabad is known for its outstanding global community. Students and teachers come here from all over the world. The school provides a unique environment to ensure that students get a quality campus life. Moreover, the multi-cultural, diverse environment helps kids from different cultures come together and learn in harmony.

Additionally, the Mahatma Gandhi Centre for universal values helps kids learn different values and build healthy relationships in their future. Students even get a chance to speak out about their experiences during several events and activities. Thus in all these ways, students here, from the primary section itself, get a chance to become global and responsible citizens.

School Infrastructure and Academic Curriculum

The school conducts several seminars and game sessions every month to enhance the kid’s practical knowledge. 

GIIS Ahmedabad focuses on experiential learning rather than just academic excellence. Students are open to exploring art and craft labs, educational parks any day. Most of the teachers here have global knowledge hence they easily adapt themselves according to the academic needs of different students. 

Sports and Arts Excellence

Apart from academic-related facilities, GIIS Ahmedabad offers top-quality and highly advanced sports facilities to all students. They have an indoor sports ground, football ground, kindergarten play area, and even a kiddies’ pool to help the little one get the best experience in their pre-primary section. Moreover, students get an opportunity to earn sports skills from expert coaches and mentors. 


Students of GIIS Ahmedabad have added to the school’s glory by getting recognition in various national and international sports events. The mentorship they get here followed by team spirit, confidence, and leadership skills is just what a true sports person will ever need. 


Adding more to the list, the 9GEMS scholarship even recognizes sports to be one of its gems and offers scholarship value accordingly. 


Hence, in all forms, GIIS is one of the best schools in Ahmedabad and is an ideal choice for any student. The school not just ensures the best academic journey but offers top career opportunities in every possible way!  

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