Discover the Types of electronic testing equipment near you

Electronic test equipment mainly comprises signal generators, oscilloscopes, frequency counters, voltmeters and multimeters to name a few. The operating principles of such instruments are basically the same but their uses and applications vary with frequency range, need for a high degree of accuracy and specialized applications such as medical equipment testing where there is a legal requirement for accurate result interpretation. The electronic test equipment is used to measure, record and analyze the electrical characteristics and performance of electronic circuits, apparatus and components.


These types of instruments consist of hot-carrier equipment and also includes measurement systems, multimeters, signal generators and frequency counters. If  I am giving an some brief about these products that are:

  1. Measurement systems:

The systems are generally in the form of digital signals which are processed on a computer to obtain certain characteristic values. 

  1. Signal generators:

These are used for receiving systems and test setups in order to ensure efficiency and quality of the communication systems. These instruments feature a wide variety of functions which include Bandwidth Modulation, Preamplifier, Demodulator, and Signal Analyzer.


  1. Multimeters: 

A digital multimeter is a test tool used to measure voltage, current, and resistance. Regardless of the model, all multimeters follow the same basic principle: change a pin at one side of the device and observe changes on an associated display.

  1. Frequency counter: 

This is a very simple, yet effective type of electronic instrument for measuring the frequency of the oscillations of an electric signal.


  1. Voltmeters:

These are used to measure voltage, current and power. They can also be used for measure other parameters such as resistance, capacitance and inductance. These instruments measure the electrical voltage by varying the current passing through their core. The voltage is then compared against a standard reference voltage of zero volts such as an International Electro technical Commission standard or National Bureau of Standards standard.

  1. Oscilloscope:

The oscilloscope is a test equipment that measures electrical currents and voltages. It is used in applications such as digital signal analysis and circuit testing. It is used to measure the frequency and specifications of a product in a very fast and efficient way. The oscilloscopes are also used to understand how the  product works at different frequencies such as 3MHz, 4MHz, 9MHz,11MHz etc.


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