Discover The Ways A Psychiatrist Help Their Patients Fight Stress And Anxiety

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Common mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are not accompanied by distinct symptoms that specifically identify psychiatric patients in the early stages of the disease, but a group of behavioral or personality changes can be an indication that a person has a mental illness, experts often recommend early diagnosis to choose The more appropriate treatment and the improvement in the chances of recovery, whose rates are high, the faster the intervention.

Despite the different symptoms that may appear on patients suffering from mental illnesses, but a group of common symptoms that may indicate a mental illness can be identified, including: mood swings, feelings of constant anxiety and tension, which is reflected on physical health, causing problems.

Indigestion, increased heart rate, and others, loss of pleasure and harmony with the various activities that were previously a source of interest, decreased vigor and determination of the person, strange behavior, loss of control over daily situations that may include various pressures and problems, irritability and aggressiveness in dealing with others, introversion and lack of communication with others, distracted thinking with difficulty, concentrating variable levels of appetite sometimes low and high suicidal desire, hallucinations and delusions, panic attacks, constant feelings of fear and drug addiction.

The treatments used in controlling mental illnesses differ between medication and psychological treatments recommended by the psychiatrist  (دكتور نفسي) and they are through sessions he holds with his patient to listen to him and talk to him about his problem in order to reach a solution that enables him to control the psychological state he suffers from, psychiatrists rely on Different types of psychological treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and others, which vary according to the case.

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