Discovering the Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai

If you are looking for the best Indian restaurant in Dubai, you will naturally find several options in the Emirate which is the biggest food and beverage hub in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The UAE has transformed into a major food and beverage hub of the Middle East and GCC region along with several other global countries. It is one of the biggest global tourist hubs while Dubai is a city with a huge cosmopolitan population including expats and residents from several other countries including India. Every type of cuisine has its own niche in the Dubai hospitality market. Indian cuisine is no exception. The huge number of Indian tourists arriving every year in Dubai along with the sizable volume of people living in the region make Indian restaurants really feasible in this context.

When you think of the best veg restaurants in Dubai then you will naturally want to drop by at Maya’s Restaurant. This is an initiative by the noted Al Maya Group and has carved its name in the annals of Dubai’s cuisine hits within a very short span of time as well. Maya’s Restaurant offers up a flurry of global and Indian favorites including several tantalizing dishes. Lovers of Indian cuisine on a trip to Dubai will feel instantly at home when they come to Maya’s Restaurant. The menu is extensive and contains a plethora of comfort foods and top picks that delight people who venture regularly for their taste of home cuisine.

The Al Maya Group was founded in the year 1982 by a highly inspiring and visionary businessman L K Pagarani and is based in Dubai which has become a huge institution in its own right. The Group has 5,000+ employees working 30 countries for several business divisions along with possessing ample expertise in FMCG food and non-food distribution along with processing plants in India and other global countries along with 90 retail stores in the UAE and GCC region. There are several supermarkets owned by the brand along with sizable warehousing space and infrastructure in tandem with Paperchase and Borders. The Group aims at ensuring the finest culinary experiences for discerning Indian cuisine lovers.

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