Disposable PVC Gloves Market : Overview and investment Analysis

Disposable PVC gloves are designed for single use after which they are disposed. They are made of polyvinyl chloride. Disposable PVC gloves are used extensively in medical and catering industries. The application of PVC gloves is also common in the field of equipment manufacturing, foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, and pharmaceutical.Consumer sector is one of the key end users of disposable PVC gloves.These gloves are primarily used for protection. Increased emphasis on health and safety across various industries is one of the key factors promoting the growth of the disposable PVC gloves market. Disposable PVC gloves are available in both powdered and non-powdered form and in various sizes. According to end-use application, these gloves are manufactured from materials which comply with the regulations laid down on product specification. In the food industry, disposable PVC gloves are manufactured taking into consideration the regulations laid down by food and drug administration organizations across nations.

The selection of gloves depends on the application for which they are used and also on the end-use industry where these gloves are used. The purchasing power of disposable PVC gloves has increased in recent times. The increased domestic consumption of disposable PVC gloves is vital in driving the growth of these gloves across various industries. Demand for PVC gloves in the medical and catering industry has grown tremendously, and the trend is expected to continue in the future. In chemical and pharmaceutical industries, demand for these gloves is high in order to avoid the risks associated with chemical exposure. Additionally, consumers have started to opt for disposable PVC gloves in place of traditional latex gloves.

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Manufacturing companies find it challenging to meet the ever increasing demand for disposable PVC gloves. Shortage of raw materials is a major factor affecting large scale manufacture of disposable PVC gloves. Shortage of raw material can affect the price of raw materials which in turn can affect the pricing of gloves. The disposable PVC gloves market is highly price sensitive; it is challenging for disposable PVC glove manufacturers to offer good quality gloves at affordable prices.The disposable PVC gloves market consists of a large number of small and large players which compete on price. Availability of gloves made from varied materials such as nitrile offer stiff competition to the market growth of disposable PVC gloves. Although disposable PVC gloves are available at affordable prices, consumers prefer to choose good quality gloves.

The global disposable PVC gloves market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and region. On the basis of type, the market has been classified into powdered disposable PVC gloves and non-powdered PVC gloves. The global disposable PVC glove market by application has been segmented into healthcare, pharmaceutical, food service, and others. On the basis of geography, the global disposable PVC gloves market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East & Africa (MEA) and South America. The report also provides country level analysis for each of the segments. The U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy, France, U.K., China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Brazil, and Argentina are the countries included in the study of the global disposable PVC gloves market.

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Some of the key players in the global disposable PVC gloves market include Ansell Healthcare, Zhonghong Pulin Medical, Bellcross Industries, Glovenation, Superior Glove, Rubberex, Custom LeatherCraft Manufacturing Co., Inc., Revital Cryogenic & Biotech Systems, ProChoice, and Motex.

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