Dispose of Your Timeshare Contract

A timeshare may have seemed a good idea when it was promoted and sold to you. But like many timeshare owners, you are probably experiencing buyer’s remorse. You now realize how expensive it is in the long run, and that you have to keep paying for its upkeep and maintenance even if you’re unable to visit the property. You may also be bothered by other expenses like support charges and unique appraisals, particularly when other proprietors cannot fulfill their responsibilities.

It’s easy to feel helpless about the situation. But the good news is that you can get out of those obligations with help from qualified timeshare lawyers near you. They will scrutinize your timeshare contract and find legal ways to take it off your hands.


When should I find timeshare lawyers near me?


Start looking for a timeshare lawyer as soon as you realize that the timeshare is not worth it and that you want out. Timeshare lawyers can help you legally dispose of your timeshare contract and obligations even when the cancellation or rescission period has long passed.

You should also consider contacting timeshare lawyers as soon as possible if you find it challenging to keep up with the expenses because of financial hardship.


Can timeshare lawyers near me cancel my contract?


The short answer is yes. Only lawyers with experience in consumer protection laws can truly get you out of a timeshare contract.


It’s never advisable to try to exit a timeshare yourself, especially if the rescission period is over. You should also avoid turning to timeshare exit companies as they may cause more harm than good. They’re likely to make false promises, saying they can relieve you of your obligations while discouraging you from working with a qualified timeshare attorney. Some timeshare exit companies might recommend you stop paying your financial obligations. Thus, resulting in even more problems such as tortious interference.


The only way to legally get out of a timeshare contract is to work with qualified and bar-admitted     with extensive experience in the consumer protection field. These professionals offer guaranteed legal services and establish a solid attorney-client relationship with you to ensure the best possible outcome.


How can I find timeshare lawyers near me?


Start by looking up the timeshare laws in your area or state, and then you can start searching for timeshare lawyers online. You can also refer to an informative timeshare exit website to get the names of attorneys who specialize in timeshare laws in your state.

About the author:

Tom Gallagher has been involved with Timeshare Attorneys for the last ten years. His focus is to bring awareness to the timeshare community of their rights and options to protect themselves from predatory sales practices used by the salespeople at these timeshare sales presentations. He shares his focus to help timeshare owners protect themselves from Timeshare Exit Companies that are inducing timeshare owners to pay fees for a service that requires legal counsel. His in-depth research specializes in high-quality, original content that provides meaningful value to existing and potential clients for Licensed Timeshare Attorneys.

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