Distinguishable Characteristics and Applications of Roller Thrust Bearing in Industry

The use of thrust roller bearings in numerous applications is connected to their distinguishing features and types. Other than offering total design economy, they help industries save on cost generally incurred during maintenance.The article deals with the inherent features these bearings and their use in a range of applications.

Thrust bearings are so designed to manage pure thrust or axial loads with no radial forces. The cylindrical-shaped rollers make them capable of accommodating thrust loads either in single direction or in double directions. They are majorly used in industrial applications that ask for managing heavier loads with errors in shaft displacement or misalignment. You can find thrust roller bearings used in several applications.

With applications demanding varying efficiency levels, high-profile bearings are required to meet them. A roller thrust bearing for its different shapes of rollers and the roller length reposing to the shaft is regarded the most effective one in the industry. Some of the prominent roller trust bearing types are:

  • Spherical roller thrust bearing
  • Cylindrical roller thrust bearing
  • Tapered roller thrust bearing
  • Needle roller thrust bearing

Various Characterizes of a Thrust Roller Bearing

A thrust roller bearing is typically crafted to have exclusive features and that differentiate them from the plain bearing. A few prominent features are explained below:

Low starting torque: When it comes to friction, thrust bearings have a low starting one. There is however not much difference in torque between the starting and running one.

Promotes easy interchangeability:The international standards in sizes and dimensions make a thrust roller bearing designhighly suitable in industries. The bearing parts can be easily interchangeable because of this.

Easy maintenance:The cage unit variant offers provisions for self-lubrication during the operation under heavy load conditions. The easy mounting and dismounting facilitate quick replacement.

Suitable for managing both loads:With various design types of rollers and ring washers, a roller bearing can manage both radial and axial loads either concurrently or independently.

Manage any temperature:The heavy construction of the bearing unit enables it to operate in any temperature, without stoppage.

Offer highstiffness:The negative clearance due to the pre-loading of the roller thrust bearing give negative clearance, which offers greater stiffness.

Uses of a Roller Thrust Bearing in Various Industrial Applications

The improved designs in this bearing type has found its use in varied applications. Needle thrust bearings, tapered roller thrust bearings and cylindrical roller bearings have found their use in automobile, valve pump sub-assembly, medical equipment, compressors, etc.

While managing heavy loads, a roller thrust bearing helps reduce the friction by distributing it to over an extended area, which permits easy and smooth movements of the machine parts. Other than this, it also accommodates shaft displacement and misalignment during extreme conditions.

Author Bio: Priya Arora is specialized in automobile engineering and has considerable experience in dealing with bearings. His knowledge about a roller thrust bearing is amazing and he shares it to readers in his articles.

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