What makes GreenTree Electronics different from other suppliers?

distributor of obsolete electronic components

Distributor of Obsolete Electronic Components

Obsolete electronics components are those which are no longer manufactured by the original manufacture because of the newer and smarter electronic component demand resulting in shortening of component life cycle. Where emerges the need for the obsolete electronics supplier. GreenTree Electronics is one of the most reputed obsolete components supplier provide professional services to their customers by traceable and authenticated components, directly from manufactures.

GreenTree Electronics makes a different by providing in-house quality inspection with every purchase and comprehensive electronic components testing services in a testing laboratory. Also a known distributor of integrated circuits and their main expertise in micro-processor and DSP for embedded system, networking and imaging and video.

Electronic components are designed to function in a specific and a single replacement of even a single component might lead to re-designing modifications as well. Suppliers of obsolete electronic components maintain a proper documentation and vendors’ qualification program, with all required documents. GreenTree Electronics is obsolete electronic components distributor which has signed a service license agreement with white horse laboratories for testing.

GreenTree Electronics have been working the electronic industry by providing value added services to the global industry, including medical , industrial, defense, communication and consumer application. They are a distributor of obsolete electronic components and reputed ERAI member.

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