Ditch the Razor; Quit the Wax, and Get Sugar(ed) this Time

Remember the last time you went to the parlour. Apart from the calming pedicure and the relaxing hair spa, think about the waxing sessions. So much of pain and discomfort for just a couple of weeks of smooth skin! Not fair! The diva in you deserves much more than this. If you too want to make sure that your inner princess is treated with all the love and care, you should visit Sugar(ed) and get smooth sugary skin with sugar. If you are looking for hair removal services Singapore, you should head straight to the various Sugar(ed) studios. You can trust the sugarists at Sugar(ed) to give you the best and most organic hair removal treatment.

When Jasmine Yong, the queen bee of Sugar(ed) first got to know about the long-forgotten, now re-emerging procedure in Seattle, it changed her life, and then she decided to actually revolutionize her life along with significantly impacting the lives of many other women. If you are in Singapore and have not yet visited the Sugar(ed) studio, you are seriously missing out on much fun!

A regular hair removal Singapore, using any method would not yield the same results as compared to what a sugaring session at Sugar(ed) can give you. With the 100% water soluble sugar solution, you are not only giving yourself the much needed relief from the pain of waxing and the damage of the shaving but also contributing towards saving Mother Nature. The paste used in sugaring is completely organic and the same piece of paste can be used multiple times before it becomes unusable. This not only makes it less painful than waxing but also more environment friendly.

With their sugaring studios spread all across Singapore, you can visit their studios in Buket Timah, Katong, Downtown or Upper Thomson and get sugared at Sugar(ed).

The only sugaring studio in Singapore, Sugar(ed) had a pretty modest start with Jasmine providing her expert services to people at home. Recalling her journey, she mentions how a couple of clients turned to a clientele base of over 500 and a start-up at home got four studios and critical acclaim across the beauty industry.

If you are also sick and tired of the painful and low result yielding methods of body hair removal, go back to the basics a bit and try out natural hair removal, at one of the organic hair removal studios of Sugar(ed) in Singapore. Book your appointments now!

For more information, visit https://www.sugared.com.sg

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