A new update for Division 2 is set to release in the near future and gamers are already very excited to experience this upcoming update.

As speculated the upcoming update for Division 2 would feature new much more challenging mode’s, weekly invasions, an exclusive World Tier and a complete set of new weapon and cosmetics. Moreover, the latest update for Division 2 would feature an exclusive first ever raid event at the end of the April month.

Division 2: New Mode and World Tire System Soon to Be Included

An upcoming update would include the new Tidal Basin location which is the extended part of the free content which was announced before the launch of the title. This new Tidal Basin theme would include a new Invasion: Battle for D.C challenge which would feature a new stronghold where the most significant and baddest villains of all times have assembled to destroyed the D.C state.

From April 5th, Division 2 fans will be able to eliminate all the evil characters in the game who have gathered at the stronghold. The Tidal Basin has now turned into a safe location for the Black Tusk Faction and gamers will have to use all of their wit and skills in order to defeat the enemies in the game.

Ubisoft has confirmed that players and fans of Division 2 should be prepared to face some of the most challenging enemies they have ever played across; moreover, the difficulty level in the title is going to intently rise up, as players will have to face some of the most dangerous villains they have ever imagined about.

Gamers who succeed in defeating the enemies at Stronghold will be able to achieve World Tier 5 which would grant players with gear points. Players can use these gear points to unlock different cosmetics and items from the in-game shop.

Moreover, as players reach to tier 5 in Division 2, a new Invasion mode is unlocked which features Black Tusk enemies who are gradually taking over Missions and Strongholds in the entirety of D.C state.

Players who eventually succeed in defeating these enemies will be rewarded with unique loot and wearable items to improve on the gameplay for the players. In addition to these new themes, players will also be able to access two brand new weapons which would be included in the title with the upcoming update.

These two new weapons are the Nemesis and Pestilence which would create a sense of fear amongst the enemies as these weapon types are incredibly deadly to deal with and in certain close combat situations this weapon can prove to be fatal.

Also, the new update would include gears sets like Hardwired, Ongoing Directive and True Patriot for players to experience exclusive new in-game content.  A new map Fort McNair is also going to be featured in the latest update which would focus towards the PvP gameplay.

Gamers can also grab on to some impressive new cosmetics and items from the Invasion Apparel Event as the first raid event: Operation Dark Hour is set to be unveiled on April 25th for fans worldwide.

So, Division 2 fans should be set to interact with exclusive content with the upcoming new update which would help players in exploring new lands and improving on their in-game interactions.

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