Divorce and Family Law Mediation Miami Fort Lauderdale

If you are in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton or Palm Beach, Florida and you make a plan to file for divorce, then several things are considered by the Family Law judge or Divorce Attorney, which will also be relevant to your family law mediation. Palm Beach Divorce lawyer

Things You Must Consider before you file for Divorce

The first thing in a particular divorce process is the length of your marriage.

What is the reason for divorce? Why does the couple decide to end their relationship? Florida is a no-fault divorce state; one party must simply and generally allege irreconcilable differences with their spouse.

Alimony that your soon-to-be ex-spouse is demanding from you after the divorce.

Children’s issues such as timesharing and child support.

Division of assets and liabilities.

The ability of a spouse to pay the alimony.

In this process, you will have to do your legal homework. Court filing fees are expensive. Litigation can take a long time and bring out the worst in people. Fighting takes a toll on one’s mental state. However, there is another way to resolve your dispute with your spouse, called Divorce and Family Law Mediation. It is typically more cost-effective than going to court. Both parties share the cost of a single mediator and the wait time to schedule is usually far quicker than waiting for a court date. You can even attend mediation online if you prefer, from the comfort of your home or office with websites like VideoSettle.com which partner and Florida Board Certified family law divorce attorney Brian Karpf manages.  South Florida Divorce Attorney

Role of Miami Divorce Mediator

In the process of informal dispute settlement, your South Florida or Miami Divorce Mediator plays an important role.

Moreover, the mediator remains the neutral party and effectively helps the clients see problems and strong points of their own case.

The mediator acts as a go-between for you and your ex-spouse to develop resolutions to your problems as well as misunderstandings.

The mediator gives equal chances for couples to express their thoughts to come to a fair resolution for both sides.

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