Do I Need an Architect for my Home Remodelling Project?


So you’re looking to remodel your home but wondering whether or not to hire an architecture company Sydney. While you can choose a designer for your home redo, an architect can be a sound investment. Yes, architects have a technical understanding of building systems and requirements. Seasoned architects in Sydney like dvyne can help bring the visions of a homeowner to life by working on the right design that fits their needs and budget and ensuring it also functions well. While smaller home improvement and renovation don’t require an architect, major projects that involve significant structural changes call for an architect.

So, Who is an Architect?

There’s a common misconception that architects are the ones who decide to build or not. But, on the contrary, an architect won’t construct the building instead, they create designs, plans that instruct the building construction contractors what and how to build. Architects are experts in design theory, engineering and project management. They can design every aspect of a building, irrespective of the purpose of the property.

Architects are licensed professionals trained in the art and science of a building and well-equipped to develop the concepts for structures and turn the visuals into reality.

The layout, floor plans, elevations, and other changes all have to be interconnected. When the need arises to change the walls, open up to rooms, integrate open floor plans, and change the exterior walls to create more options for windows and doors are the cases that an architect takes care of.

A design of a building involves far more than aesthetical appearance. The structure should be safe, functional, energy-efficient, economical, and suit the needs of the building occupants. Architect will consider these factors when they design homes, commercial buildings, and industrial settings.

What Does an Architect do?

• Architects will understand the ideas of homeowners and create conceptual designs. Conceptual design is a simple layout of the home owner’s ideas and concepts using architects principles and designs.

• The architect will measure the existing home, including floor plan and elevations. The measurements can help the architects to create a more detailed and ergonomic design.

• The architects will then create schematic designs based on the homeowner’s goals and conceptual design. Schematic designs are basic forms of architectural designs to scale the function and style of a building and including the floor plans, elevations, and other changes.

• Prepare a detailed construction plan by refining the designs more, making them completely comprehensive and easy to read and develop for the home construction contractors. The document will contain all materials required and all other specifications.

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