Do I Need to See a Doctor for Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a somewhat common condition where the vertebrae in the spine are not perfectly aligned. Although many cases of scoliosis are rather mild, there are often times where the condition will require a professional touch. At Performance Pain Houston, we have specialists who handle this condition on a consistent basis.

What Scoliosis is & When to See a Doctor

If you have ever seen somebody who has a back that appears a little crooked, it might be because it is. Scoliosis can either develop as a child or as an adult. When it is developed in adulthood, it is often related to spinal degeneration and osteoarthritis. Generally, many people with scoliosis don’t have any symptoms and encounter minimal pain or issues.

Chronic Pain

The most generic instance where you should go in and see a doctor for scoliosis is when you are experiencing chronic pain. If you are constantly thinking about the pain in your back to the point where it is affecting your daily life, go right here and see what options are available. Chronic pain is always manageable for scoliosis if you know where to seek help.

Problems with Balance

Problems with your balance can often indicate that your scoliosis has developed into a much worse problem. If you have had scoliosis for a long period of time before without balance problems, it is probably time to go in and have your spine checked out by a spine doctor Houston.

Your Shoulders Aren’t Symmetrical

Generally, there is a certain point where the curve in your spine becomes potentially dangerous for your health. One of the ways you can see this from home is by taking a look at your shoulders. If they are noticeably crooked in the mirror, you should definitely go visit a doctor right away.

If You Haven’t Already Seen a Doctor

If you haven’t yet been diagnosed with scoliosis and are visiting this page because you think you might have it, you should definitely go get your spine checked out ASAP. At Performance Pain Houston, we can quickly assess the severity of your scoliosis and provide steps that you need to take for treatment.

Consistent Tightness when Bending Over

Consistent tightness when you bend over is one of the signs that your scoliosis may be advanced enough to require professional care. Usually, people with scoliosis will do daily back stretches and exercises to avoid a consistent sensation of tightness in their back.

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