Do I need transit visa for Turkish Airlines?

What is a transit visa?

Whenever we plan to visit any country, it is necessary to have a visa to enter that particular nation. A visa is official permission that allows you to reach your destination. Various types of visas are used in traveling that are issued to students, businesses men or authorities. Airlines provide one more kind of visa, a Transit visa, that helps you come across any country when you have a layover on your trip.

Who needs a transit visa for Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines provides transit if you have a layover in any location for less than 24 hours. If you are a passenger who will get a transit visa, then you will be called a transit/ transfer passenger. This facility is irrespective of class as it is provided to every transit passenger by Turkish Airlines, but it varies from class to class. If your ticket belongs to Economy class and you have a layover of more than 12 hours, and if you are a Business class passenger and have a layover of more than 9 hours, then you will get the facility of hotel or lounges and the premium meals at your layover airport.

Necessary terms and conditions for the transit passengers of Turkish Airlines

  • Suppose you are coming from a national location and going abroad. In that case, you must take your cabin bag, reach the international terminal for your passport verification, and get your Turkish airlines flight. You may receive your international boarding pass if you do not have that.
  • If you are reaching the layover point from the international point and now you will continue to fly for a domestic place, then you can just keep your carry-on bags only and reach your assigned domestic terminal.
  • Suppose you arrive at the layover point from an international location and continue your journey to the international location with a single ticket booking. In that case, you can just reach the first exit point and go through the “Transit Check-in”. Then move to the international terminal.
  • If your layover is in Turkey and your departure and destination points are international, you do not need to go through any further check-ins and procedures; bring your carry bags and reach your terminal for the next flight.
  • Suppose you are reaching a layover point from abroad and have the next flight in the domestic location but have booked your layover trip without a single ticket. In that case, you should take all your baggage from the international arrival hall and reach the domestic terminal for further check-in procedures. And wait for the next flight.
  • If your trip is planned from the international departure and reaches the international destination with a layover, but without a single ticket, you will get your baggage first from the international arrival hall and reach your international terminal for the check-in process and next flight.

If you want to know if can I speak with Turkish Airlines for the transit visa queries, so the answer is yes; you can contact Turkish Airlines through the customer services that are offered via multiple modes of contact.

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