Do Security Guards Prevent Crime?


Indeed! The private security companies in Sydney play a significant role in preventing and responding to crimes, including a terrorist attack. Security guards are the eyes, hands, and ears before any attack and respond immediately after any security breach. Given the many thousands of people working around the clock every day in different office/business settings, it is essential to have security guards in the premise to prevent crime and respond to security incidents.

Here’s who security guards Sydney will prevent and deter crimes:-

Physical presence

According to the study, security officers’ presence reduced victim-reported crimes by 16% and increased guard-report incidents by 49%. The most significant impact of security officers is their physical presence. Whether armed or not, a uniformed security guard indicates that someone is watching the area around the clock.

Security guards observe, analyse, and report. They will react to the potential crime and unwanted behaviours on a property quickly. Their presence in the property is a great deterrent than security cameras. People know they are being observed, and they will try to behave better.

Moreover, security guards play a significant role in protecting crowded places. Security officers are responsible for strengthening crowded places’ security, and their physical presence ensures a safe place.

Thus, the presence of security guards reduces the chances of crime. The presence of security services Sydney gives a peace of mind to the occupants and property owner.

Monitor and inspect

Security guards will be proactive and monitor surveillance feed, check access control credentials, check each person individually and their belongings, and restrict access to an unauthorised area in a property. They come up with an efficient security plan, including closing and opening a building for the day, patrolling the grounds, and monitoring the area. The security officers inspect the premise to report any problems and act as a visual deterrent, indicating that security personal is on duty.

They address the issue before it turns into a serious issue such as breaking up loitering groups, checking surveillance camera and performing control duties.

Handle crime

The security guards report the crime to the cops and coordinate with the local law enforcement and public safety officials. Regardless of the level of crime, security guards ensure to protect the property and its occupants in all means.

As you see, security guards, they themselves are a crime deterrent. They assist in lowering the possibility of crime. To increase the security of your property, consider adding security to officers.

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