Do sex doll owners hate real women?

The topic of male and female opposition is more and more mentioned, but this does not prove that people who use Sex Doll hate women. Men buy sex dolls for a variety of reasons, and it’s less common for men to buy Sex Dolls because they hate real women.

People with poor social skills will buy Sex Doll, people who like to try new things will also buy Sex Doll, and they will also use Sex Doll for work reasons, such as photography, modeling, etc. because the current Sex Doll is realistic enough to even reach To the level of falsehood.

People who like anime will also buy Sex Dolls, some even use Sex Doll as a self-media to make a lot of money, these are all for different purposes to buy Sex Dolls, but it is hard to see that they hate women, and there is no logic.

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