Do we have to love our work? (FS352)

“Work seems to have taken on an almost religious-like meaning, where the ethos of happily grinding it out most hours of most days is thought of as “good” and “just”. As a result, we feel guilt and shame if we aren’t working, or aren’t working enough.” – Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis joins us on the show today, along with Sarah Peck and Melissa Smith.

Do we have to love our work? We start by talking about the pressure of today’s “passionate work” mantra. We also discuss how to ask for and get what you want, and how to be more productive using a virtual assistant.

Sarah Peck is founder of Startup Pregnant, which aims to radically rethink what parenting and working can and should look like.

Melissa Smith is Founder & CEO of the Association of Virtual Assistants. She’s also the author of “Hire The Right Virtual Assistant: How the Right VA Will Make Your Life Easier, Create Time, and Make You More Money.”

Paul Jarvis is a designer, podcaster, online course teacher and software creator. He’s also the author of Company of One, Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business.

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