Do We Need 3D Printing in India?

Technology has been progressing at a phenomenal rate and in the last few years, there have been many inventions which have made our lives easier. One such invention which has been the talk of the town since the very inception is 3D printer. Most parts of the world had seen 3D printers and its application way earlier than India. Even though 3D printing is a newer concept in India, the change in printing is still a welcoming change than expected.

Most of you might not have proper information about 3D printing and what exactly it is. 3D printing is a manufacturing process that results in the formation of three dimensional objects. 3D printing involves numerous processes and techniques for the layer by layer formation of objects.

How will 3D Printers Be Helpful?

There can be various branches where 3D printing can be used and can thrive. Setting everything aside, 3D printing can be a revolutionary change in the education system in India. The education system has continuously been enhanced and the implementation of 3D printing in education can be the onset of a new and extremely interactive education system.

One of the greatest benefits of implementing 3D printer in India’s education system is that it will help in understanding the physical world in a better way. Good learning is a combination of tactical, visual and verbal skills. Our education system has majorly focused on verbal and visual skills. Tactical skills haven’t been polished in students because of the lack of tactical tools. With the implementation of 3D printers in India, we are bridging a gap that was left. 3D printer is an excellent tactical tool that will help students in having a better understanding of things.

3D Printing India

Implementation of 3D printer can help students in various subjects. When used as a tactical tool, this will help in clearing conceptual doubts and procure a better understanding of subjects. With the application of 3D printing, most of the concepts in mathematics related to the geometrical shapes, area – volume related concepts, and other complex mathematical theories can be understood easily.

Another best implementation for 3D printer in India can be in geographical studies. Whether it is about printing maps or getting a better idea about the abstract subjects such as water cycles, 3D printers can be a great approach towards understanding these.

Not just these, there are many other branches of research and fields of study where 3D printers in India can be extremely helpful. Honestly, if 3D printers are introduced in the education system, it is going to revolutionize the way of understanding things. For more information on 3D printers and printing procedures, keep following this space.

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